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Increasing dosage of thyroxine

Can anyone tell me if increasing from thyroxine 100 dosage to 125 how long before you would notice an improvement - if dosage is too high how long would it be before you become jittery and anxious. Currently on 100 and all results of blood test normal but through the day I feel so exhausted and then cannot sleep at night. Weight has started to increase as well as fluid retention. I am going to try adding an extra 25 to see if there is any improvement in symptoms although my GP would not agree to this. Maybe this is the wrong way to go about things and someone can advise me otherwise.

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When I increase I notice an improvement in about 10 days. My last increase, I actually felt worse in the first week but then wow, much better! I'm two months into my increase now and there have been days when I feel as if I've slipped back but overall now, 2 months down the line, I can really feel that improvement. Depending on your blood results, you might try going up slower. You could try 25 every other day for a few months to see how that goes first, but again without knowing your recent blood results it is difficult to say.


I feel the same just been put back on 100 eltroxin after having bad experience with T3 T 4 I'm two weeks back on 100 eltroxin but I am the same as you exausted but can't sleep was wondering about going on 125 also


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