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Blood LEvels...can you read normal but need supplementation


Ive been up and down for the last month, after a year of having been 'sorted' with meds. Started feeling tired adnd didnt recognise the symptoms; didnt catch it until i was nearly dropping. They put me meds up by 25 and i felt good and relieved for 2 weeks. Then i started to dip again and i 'upped' my own meds by another 25. Another week and i startedd to 'dip' again. went to see the dr (several times!) Was eventually advised that if i wanted to do so it wasmy own choice and theyve booked me in for a health check in 10 days time. So if i start tonight that will be 175. Any feedback/advice/ very gratefully recieved. I dont want to over medicate myself but am teling myself if its wrong Ill just bring it down again. And wonder what else is wrong. )-: My bloods are normal as is my free T3 and iron. Unfortunatly didnt get the ranges as my brain isnt working brilliantly lately..........

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Sorry you aren't feeling good. I'd suggest that you phone for all the results and their ranges, so if you are gradually increasing your meds you can track what impact the increase is having, in conjunction with any changes in how you are feeling. Have you been tested for the usual vitB12, ferritin etc etc as well?

Are you also taking your thyroid meds separately from food, and from other supplements/meds?

Thanks hypnotech. I take my meds at night so well away from anything that might affect them. I was most recently checked for everything under the sun and everything seems to be fine. Ive added another 25mcg and waiting to see whther theres improvement. If not yes i may ring to get my results.

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