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Hi everyone, I am a newbie to this site. Could anyone tell me of any private doctors in the Yorkshire area who specialze in Thyroid problems

As I have just been sent the 'Doctor's List' from this site, although it states there is a Doctor in North Yorks, however it isn't actually on the list, & I am going my NHS Doc tommorow for my B/test results, but I am expecting as usual they will just say I am 'normal'! So I want to go in armed & dangerous with a private option!


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The one in Yorkshire is referring to a clinic of Dr Peatfield - listed under Practitioners..


Thanks for your swift reply louise, but I would prefer a doctor carry out full B/tests as stated on your website, as I have been suffering this for over 30 years!!! Fortuately I am now in a position to be able to spend a bit of money on ME!!

So I would like to have a full consultancy, basically the 'Full Monty' to totally get to the root of my problem!


I do understand, I was just clarifying.. :) x


North Yorkshire seems to be a desert with respect to thyroid treatment. I live there and so far have only seen a GP in 7 years of hypo and even when I had very high TPO antibody result with swelling in my neck 5 months ago there was no referral to an Endo just a small increase in my levo. I have now been gluten free 3 months and my TPO is well down but I still have some issues, variable energy levels, very painful hands and occasional overheating. I am trying to boost B12 and folate levels and see if that helps. As usual if you want good treatment it seems you have to go south!

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