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Guggulu ( guggulsterone ) and drug induced/ DISCOID lupus??? ( skin reaction on the face )



I have shared my story earlier. My wife has been recently diagnosed as hypothyroid. She started on a preparation of guggulu ( kanchanar guggulu ) as this is touted as the treatment for thyroid in Ayurveda. It does make her feel active and she is able to get out and excercise..

But she gets some scaly rashes on her cheek ..i googled it up and it seems to match discoid lupus ..the interesting thing is it tends to go away when she stops this herbal preparation.

Has anyone in this group tried guggulsterone or its raw form guggulu for hypothyroid?

We dont want to discontnue guggulsterone coz it seems to make her more active but if this skin problem worries us too.

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Can you post your wife's recent blood thyroid blood tests and tell us what medication she is taking? If she's under medicated addressing that might be a better option than a remedy she's obviously allergic to.

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