Is there a way to "subscribe" to a thread to be able to follow it?

I am not sure if I have missed it or maybe there isn't that option- but often I see threads I find really interesting and where I try to find them later I can't- especially if I have read a thread that was at the bottom of a recent thread.

Is there a way to "follow" or subscribe to a post/thread so that you can read it later and extra posts that come later even if you yourself haven't written in the thread?


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  • Sorry, but there isn't. :(

    This is something that we are hoping will be included in the upcoming 'upgrade' though... :)



  • Let's hope another upgrade goes smoothly!

  • We ALWAYS hope THAT! ;) xx

  • Thanks!

    ooooooooooooooo upgrade? Sounds interesting!

  • If you have made a reply you can click on the pull down arrow besides your tag (next to 'HealtUnlocked' in green at the top) and then select 'My Activity'. This isn't as nice as what you wanted but does help.

  • If you click on your user name you can also follow conversations in real time via News Feed.

    I look forward to subscription being available in the next upgrade.

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