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I'm in a real pickle - can anyone help?

Disaster, this morning I went for my blood test to test my iron. Needle in arm, I asked the nurse to make sure we were testing for ferritin as well and serum iron only to be told that the doctor had ordered a full thyroid panel as well. I had taken my levo three hours before the test and I always wait until after the test to take it!

On top of that, the fact that I have increased my levo dose from 100/75 alternate days to 100 per day unbeknown to her I reckon my results are going to to send her into a tail spin. I could weep.

The masterplan was to increase the levo as my thryoid bloods were not due until October by which time, if I saw an improvement (which I have), I would be able to convince her I needed the increase. Now its all gone pear shaped.

In anticipation of a phone call summoning me to see her I want to be prepared. Does anyone know where there is some research I can show her that says that if you take your dose a few hours before a test the test will show artificially high levels in your blood.

I am also going to email Louise for the Pulse article by Dr Toft about suppressed TSH etc.

Sorry I'm rambling on but if anyone else has any suggestions I would be most appreciative


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Dont Panic, Phone your GP and leave message that you didn't know you were having thyroid gland blood test and had taken levo only a couple of hours before and it would not be a true reading. Could you please make an appointment to have another blood test for thyroid gland.

I, too, made that mistake and I should have phoned GP straight away. In the event as soon as I entered his room I said 'please ignore the levels' as I took medication just before bloods were done. I could see he was perturbed by looking at his computer but I persuaded him not to take any notice and had alarms all over the place before my next test for which I left 48 hours between meds and he was happy and my dose has continued and I continue to feel well. Phone your GP and say you need another blood test only for the thyroid gland as you were unaware it was going to be tested.

Link from Excerp from Thyroid Manager:-

The Thyroid Manager online textbook (I think this is an official textbook) mentions that

"Serum T4 concentrations peak 2 to 4 hours after an oral dose and remain above normal for approximately 6 hours in patients receiving daily replacement therapy.

For this reason, thyroid expert Richard Shames, MD has the following recommendation:

I absolutely recommend that patients have any morning blood tests evaluating the thyroid before taking any thyroid medication. I have always told my patients to do it this way. "


Thank you Shaws. Good advice as always.

One thing I have learnt from this. If anyone is going anywhere near me with a needle again, I will not take my thyroid meds beforehand - just in case! You certainly live and learn.



When I am going to give blood I never have breakfast before , just in case.


Good idea Stourie


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