Aloe? Plus an (what I found!) interesting issue

Hi...does anyone here take Aloe? I've been advised that it may help, but am a little concerned in case it's just sales talk. Anyone have any comments please?

Also I have recently been in hospital with what was eventually diagnosed as Chronic Pancreatitis and my also have to have my gall bladder removed. Not the most pleasant of times, have experienced this before but it took a change in GP for it to be taken seriously and thus the hospital admission. I was told that one of the factors was high cholesterol 'possibly due to thyroid condition'...hmm. However there were 2 other women in a six bed ward with the same condition and guess what? Both of them were Hypothyroid too...Coincidence? Hmmm (again).


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  • Maybe you've not been on optimum medication as, usually, cholesterol reduces when on enough meds. Also gallstones can be due to hypo.

    This is a link re Aloe and Papaya Juice.

  • Thank you Shaws, so helpful - as always...x

  • I've taken aloe vera juice, hoping it would help with symptoms caused by low stomach acid. I found it mildly helpful but expensive. In the end I didn't think it was worth the money. I finished what I'd bought and didn't buy more.

  • Thank you!

  • I have taken aloe as a gel drink and now in tablet form and am convinced it does help, am also hypothyroid!

  • Thank you!

  • My friend has rheumatoid arthritis and her poor hands were so misshapen she had to have surgery to connect her stretched tendons to one tendon so they wouldn't snap. For years they were red, shiny and inflamed-looking. I saw her one day and her hands were soft without any signs of inflammation and she said she thought it was the aloe she had been taking. She was also on a new drug, which had helped her a lot with pain, but she said it still hadn't had any effect on the redness and inflamed appearance of her hands. So in the end I don't know if it was the aloe or not but she believes in it.

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  • Doesn't aloe affect digestion, so might affect absorption? Suppose it's ok if you keep it constant - amount and timing.

  • Thank you!

  • My husband has taken aloe vera for many years, and, although he does not have thyroid problems, he has suffered several attacks of pancreatitis.

    His first bout was in December 1999. He was in hospital over Christmas and the new year. When he got out the doctor told him he had had a life threatening illness and that there was no treatment. The doctor said the pancreatitis would probably return. It did, the following Easter. We were in York at the time visiting my parents. Tony spent a month in York hospital and, on his release, he was again told there was no treatment.

    Unsatisfied with that Tony searched the internet for a treatment and found that Manchester Royal Infirmary had been successfully treating pancreatitis with a strong dose of vitamins (nothing else). Tony went to our GP and told him about the treatment, only to be told 'there's a load of rubbish on the internet'!!! When Tony said the information came from the Manchester Royal Infirmary our GP calmed down and sent Tony to the John Radcliffe in Oxford which was near our home and where they offered the same treatment. Our GP had the good grace to say thank you, he now knows how to treat the condition.

    The problem he found is that pancreatitis can cause diarrhoea and the tablets were passing through him before they could have the desired effect. So he switched to aloe vera which is liquid. Aloe vera has two main properties: it boosts your immune system, and it is also anti-inflammatory - pancreatitis is an inflammation of the pancreas. Since taking aloe Tony has had no further attacks apart from one when he stopped taking the aloe because it is expensive. But what price do you put on good health? As a side effect, Tony has not had a cold for many years.

    Hope that helps.

  • Oh gosh, that has helped so much. A friend of my son's is selling it and suggested it to me; I however was a little concerned about using it in case it made me probably understand my need to certainly not do that. I'd never known pain like it - and don't want to ever again! I will then buy some and try - as you say what is expense when it comes to health? Thanks so much,m and please wish your husband well. x

  • I was taking aloe loads before i was pregnant, it massively helped the digestive issues im prone to, i felt quite cleansed on the inside! I recimmend aloe pura, also forever aloe products if you know someone who distributes them

  • Thank you! x

  • I do in cases anyone would be interested.

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