Can anyone help with my NDT problem please?

Hi fellow sufferers. After months of faffing about trying to find help I found this site which has been a real eye-opener, I was a patient of the late and sadly missed Dr S who helped me so much. (Thyroxine made me very ill) He recommended NDT which changed my life. I managed to source them in January and tried to place another order today only to find they now want a script and won't take Mastercard...major panic stations!! Can anyone advise a good online site for Erfa and/or Armour please (via PM) GP and hosp thyroid clinic have been a nightmare and only deal in Thyroxine. I would be happy to see a private Endo but can't find who prescribes NDT. Am now so worried about future meds and hope someone can help. Thank you.

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  • sent you a PM :)

  • Just noticed your post, I'm in G61 and I'm on NDT as levothyroxine doesn't work for me and GP not supportive. I assume all ok as previous post long time ago. Any problems get in touch.


  • Thanks for reply, bought Thyroid-S from Amazon recently, not too sure about them so far although early days. Are you much better on your brand of NDT and which one do you take?


  • I am on Armour Thyroid which is working well at the minute. I first took it under Dr S who I sadly miss, his help was invaluable. Sadly, no-one else like him.


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