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Bloods after being on NDT for a year, really appreciate opinions please?

I have changed docs after old one would not up 25mgs Levo I decided to try armour after reading Dr Peatfields book and now take 2 and a half grains. Bloods this week were T3L 5.2 ( RANGE 3.1 TO 6.5), T4L 13.37 ( range 10 to 23 ) and TSH 0.008 ( RANGE O.4 TO 4.400). A year ago when taking levo 25mg results were T4L 13.53 AND TSH 1.448. Also had Vit D2/D3 test done and results are below range at28.1ng/ml ( desired range 30 to 60). I am under the impression that the TSH is irrelevant when taking Armour but would like some confidence when my doc phones and questions my results. So far she has been very supportive but that was before my results. Thank you to you all for taking the time to read this

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This is an excerpt which I think is the perfect way to treat us, Unfortunately, the medical profession don't.

Dr. Lowe: No doctor can intelligently decide what a patient should do with her thyroid hormone dosage solely by the results of thyroid lab tests. We can make informed decisions about dosage only when we know the patient's clinical status and have the results of physical exam procedures. Most endocrinologists and other conventional doctors would likely disagree with me about this. But their belief that they can determine correct dosages solely by lab test results is a major reason that millions of hypothyroid patients chronically suffer from hypothyroid symptoms despite taking thyroid hormone. I wish you success in your treatment.


How do you feel? I would think that is most important :-)


TSH is definitely irelevant when on any thyroid meds especially NDT since the pituarity /thyroid feedback loop is satisfied

your free t4 is still low

you should be treated on symptoms not on blood tests and 2.5 grains is not a high dose

my husband is on 5 grains

my daughter is on 4 grains

my grandaughter is on 2 grains


RFU is right, your FT4 and FT3 are both on the low side. They are the results which really matter. If you increase the NDT very slowly, a little bit at a time, see how you feel and then re-test.

This is, of course with one proviso. How do you feel? you don't mention that, and to be honest that is far more important than your results or whether your GP will be happy. If you feel OK, then there is no reason to change anything. If you still have hypo symptom, then yes, there is room for an increase.

In addition, if your Vitamin D is low, you won't feel wonderful anyway. The very best way to improve your vitamin D levels is by basking in the sunshine - or at least walking or indeed doing anything in the sunshine - for about half an hour a day. It is the safest way to optimise your Vitamin D - and remember, too, that you need some fat in your diet to enable this to be effective. Butter and Coconut oil seem to be the best to use, because to make vitamin D we need cholesterol in our body.


Thanks for all your replies. I am feeling better than last year but still room for improvement. My recent basal temp is 36.5 ( 35 last year! ), but I take tablets for hypertension also and it is still high at the moment and feeling headachy. Also I can sleep for 10 to 12 hours easily and still be tired.I do not eat meat or cows dairy( lactose intolerant ) and still have high cholesterol,trying to avoid going back on statins at the moment. I stopped those last year as well. Have started Vit D supplements so hopefully that will help and the sun is shining today in South West France.I will increase my Armour and see if I can improve things, what level of T4 AND T3 is optimal or is it just as high as poss and feeling well.


FT4 and FT3 in the top 75% of range is optimal. You mention that you don't eat meat. Have your B12 and folate been checked? B12 can't be obtained from non-meat sources you may be deficient or low in range and need to supplement.


Cannot see evidence of B12 being done but iron was 13.1( range 9 to 30 ) and Ferritin was 135 ( range 10 to 200 ) .Would it do any harm to supplement B12 anyway and at what level. ? Thanks for all the advice, this site is amazing.


If you don't intend to get tested there's no harm in supplementing B12 but best to get a combined B12 methlycobalamin and methyl folate supplement as they are co-dependant. Amazon via the TUK affliliate link or a good health food store.

There's some very good information from Hampster1 in this link


Thanksfor that information. My Dr has been good up to now but I don`t want to push it so I will supplement myself for now. Last Dr labelled me obsessed and depressed which I clearly am not. He was useless. I am treading a little carefully with the new Dr . Thank you to everyone who has helped me on this site.


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