Can't lose weight !

I've put on 20lbs since having RAD in Nov last year and I can't lose it .. I stick to 1200 calories a day and have a healthy diet and do regular daily exercise and have a busy job but I can't budget the bulge .. I sometimes drop a pound but then put it on again .. So frustrating .. Is this normal .. My thyroid levels are in the normal range so I dont get it .. Any ideas hints or tips would be appreciated .. Thank you Mandy

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  • Are you on levothyroxine?

  • No my levels are fine so I don't need it

  • Do you know what your levels are? It might be that your levels aren't as good as you have been led to believe or they have changed.

    Other possibilities include low iron/ferritin, low B12 or folate, low vitamin D or not eating enough. All these can slow your metabolism. If your sex hormones are out of whack, this could also be contributing.

    It is incredibly frustrating and I hope you can find the answer. I can't lose weight either.

    Carolyn x

  • Hi Mandymoo67

    I can understand the weight gain after RAD I had the same problem it appeared my thyroid went hypo within weeks after treatment and was put on Levo strait after. I would think I was given the wrong dose but nobody ever admitted that. Since then I have had a weight problem which after trying numerous ways to keep it under control have found it impossible to lose any and feel all the symptoms I suffer like yourself are caused from that.

  • Hi Mandy - my thyroid results put me 'in range' but whatever I do my weight never decreases. When the Atkins diet came out I tried that and lost 20lbs but I still have another 20 to lose. However the Atkins is not the healthiest diet....trying the Harcombe now so watch this space.

  • Thankyou for your responses .. I will plug away in the hope I will eventually lose the extra pounds ...

  • Being on a permanent diet isn't good for you. As I'm sure you know, your body will get used to the 'starvation diet' of 1200 calories and find ways round it.

    The first thing you should do is ask for new blood tests, and the results thereof, and post them here.

    Have your energy levels dropped too? Mine plummeted. In all likelihood your doctor will be unsympathetic to the need for blood tests. They all like to make out that we thyroid sufferers suddenly start eating too much for no reason. Or it's the menopause or, or, or ... Ha! Do persevere.

    There is a theory that the new weight goes when you are optimally medicated. Well, I've still got mine (all 4 stone of it) so either I'm still not optimally medicated or the theory doesn't hold. You're not medicated at all, yet. Dieting against thyroid weight gain is brutal. Good luck - but do get the doc to tell you where your levels currently stand. T4, T3 and TSH are the measures you need.

  • Thankyou for replying .. I've arranged to have a blood test on Tues and will post them on here when I have the results .. I'm a bit clueless as to what they mean so it would be good to find out exactly what they indicate ..

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