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Dr. Kelly Brogan MD Psychiatrist Discusses Thyroid and Mental Health

This one is free although you do have to log in. A very good discussion about why so many thyroid patients get shoved to ADs instead of getting adequate treatment. Dr. Brogan dealt with post partum thyroiditis herself and that was the start of her search for a better method of treatment. PR

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Good morning PR4NOW.

I had a look in but saw it ran for over an hour and didn't have time this morning. I have looked at my email and find they've sent me a Replay Link which I can watch later on.



shaws, I'm afraid every time you sign in you get a replay link. I need to email Sean about that. Dr. Brogan is one of the doctors that 'get it' and she is speaking out trying to change the standard of treatment. PR


She needs all the air time she can get as it is an uphill struggle for doctors like her.


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