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Left the T4 behind and now self medicating on T3

Well, day 2 on no more T4 and I also dropped my Blood pressure meds. I am reading Paul Robinson's book, "Recovering with T3" and it was the deciding factor, as I also have Adrenal Fatigue. I did some other tests for food sensitivities and wow, allergic and sensitive to so many like avocado, potatoes, sweet potatoes, kiwis and the usual suspects like wheat, flour, grains, lactose, milk and gluten! I have had to rearrange my entire diet..slowly cutting out coffee too. I must say, just two days into this, I feel better, honestly! Well... my imagination or not, I am staying this way. One thing I ask if anyone who knows a good Integrative Physician who does deal with Adrenal Fatigue as well as Hashi's, prescribes T3 or NDT and is in London...please send me their name or website. Thank you!

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Sorry I can't help with your question but interested that you did some allergy testing. Would be interested to know more about that if you could PM me. Thank you


I would be really interested to get the same info about allergy testing-thanks a mil


The allergy testing I did was from a Homeopathic Machine called "ASYRA". It was invented in America but is here in the UK. Various practioners use them (Holistic or Homeopathic) ones. It does not claim to be 100% accurate but it is very detailed. NOT a blood test. You hold on to these gold sticks which are connected to the machine and it reads all your inner self, what you are allergic or sensitive to, what areas of your body are unbalanced. I was thinking I had some food allergies and this was very detailed to show me I did, along with hay fever (which I did not even know I had as I thought my constant nose blowing was my allergy to dust, meanwhile...also allergic to regular laundry detergent, as well as milk and so on. It is very interesting. I had it done at a Holistic Clinic in London. But here is a website for all the UK and you can find a practitioner here:


That's fantastic that you are starting to feel better, you must be so relieved that something is working.

I do not know any physician but what I would recommend is a book written by Marcelle Pick called are you tired and wired? Your proven 30-day program for overcoming adrenal fatigue - I am half way through this book and personally I think it is great (it is available to hire from the Library) - maybe worth a try. I will be seeing a nutritionist on Tuesday who is qualified in Adrenals, the Thyroid & the Immune system - If I get any helpful info I will pass it on.

Best wishes


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