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Is my dose too high the Gps anxious.


I was diagnosed with under active thyroid in july 12 .I was put on Levothyroxitine 25 mg .This has been gradually increased until i was on 100mg daily . On my november visit the Gp said " Who put you on this dose " .I said " You did ".my TSH was 0.04 and my SERT4 was18.I was on 100 mg of Levothyroxitine so he suggested i do 75 one day 100 the next with more 75 days than 100. I was feeling well on 100 mg are those figures too high ?Having been on the lower dose im already feeling so lathalgic in the afternoons and find it hard to do my job.

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Unfortunately, GP's don't really understand how metabolism works. They shouldn't adjust doses due to the TSH alone. They are nervous as they belief we may have heart attacks, etc. although people who have had thyroid gland cancer are automatically put on suppressed doses, but they are not in danger due to larger doses of meds. Dr Toft also says in an article in Pulse Online that some of us only feel well on a suppressed TSH dose and recommends the addition of T3 if still feeling unwell. Doctors are unaware even although Pulse Online is for doctors.

If you were feeling that you were on too much, with clinical symptoms of overstimulation, then he could reduce, or you would want to yourself.

This is a link and the second answer will give you the info you need. The first is also informative about testing.

Thank you for your fast response ! I work full time as was beginning to worry about not coping.

Who says its too high? If you feel well and happy then its the right dose for you!! TSH is can be suppressed when taking ANY form of thyroxine replacement and it means very little, you will not get the horrific things your doctor thinks you will get but you will if you don't take enough!

I have been on 100 Eltroxin for a long time (years) I was put on 100 levothyroxine (as Eltroxin is no longer manufactured and was told Levothroxine is '' exactly the same as Eltroxin''). last month I went back to the doc stating I was crawling up the stairs feeling tired and unwell hair dropping out nails brittle etc. He increased the dose to 125 Levothyroxine per day and I feel fantastic again! So they obviously are not the same or same dosage would have sufficed maintaining my quality of life. I am due to go back for bloods as he asked me to and I really don't wish to as I feel he will reduce it according to the results. It's so unfair that our health and well being is being messed about with so much!

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You may find this post of interest:

It appears that the lack of Eltroxin is still regarded as a temporary measure and it will return. There is also very much greater clarity about the single difference between Eltroxin and Mercury Pharma levothyroxine.


I have had my whole thyroid removed due to cancer, and I have gone up and up till a dose of 350 to make me feel ok!! So I wouldn't worry about ill effects of 100! X

Mine is also well below range. It doesn't go up even when my t4 and t3 are low. Many doctors fail to even consider secondary/central hypothyroidism - one of many reasons why the TSH test is not to be considered on its own!

thanks everyone going back to 100mg in the morning hope to feel a bit more energetic and might clear my joint aches and pains too!

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