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Hello All Can I get some advice please? I've just order some NDT Armour

At the moment I am taking T4 125mg daily. Should I begin by halving T4 and making up difference with Amour or stop the T4 altogether (I know it takes about a week for it to go through the system) Anyone here got the experience to help me or let me know what they did? PM me if neccessary. Thank you (I have Dr Peatfields book but I can't find a specific answer to this question in there) Jeannie x

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I've sent you a pm which might tell you what you need to know.


You can switch straight over. NDT is usually 1 grain NDT equals 100 levo.

This is a link although I don't agree with splitting doses throughout the day. I always took/take mine once per day.



Thank you Shaws will look at STTM page x


It depends why you are taking NDT. If you cannot tolerate Levo, then stop it and start NDT straight away but if you want to introduce slowly and gradually increase it, you can add it to a reduced dose of Levo and keep on adding one and reducing the other. If you feel you need more medication and have always been under replaced, you can add it without reducing Levo, which is what Dr Skinner told me to do, just to let your body get used to it slowly. Usually leave two weeks before increasing, whatever you decide. Be sure iron, ferritin, B12. folate and Vit D are all high in range, especially iron. I found it hard to take any form of T3 until I addressed the low iron issue. Hope this helps.


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