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Although i have not been diagnosed with any kind of thyroidism (although Dr Peatfield begged to differ when i saw him some years ago)., i have a 'strange question' that no GP,nor consultant can ever answer. Whenever i am feeling 'extra' lousy, i have three things that happen:- I need to pee a lot more (not little bits either - sorry!), i feel short on breath (on exertion only), and get a dry mouth - i do not have diabetes or d.insipidus (been tested for both). I do have a vestibular problem which also is worse at these times. One consultant (gastroenterologist - i have Crohns - quiet and bit of IBS), responded 'well you sound overwhelmed' - wasn't sure what that meant and stupidly didn't ask, did she mean physically or mentally!!! Anyone else come across or experienced this and got a diagnosis please?

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Hi there - sorry you've no answers - it's an unusual one maybe - hopefully answers will be prompted via newsfeed. TaDa!

I think Dr P is pretty savvy about such things - but I've not been diagnosed either (with half a thyroid). For balance problems maybe research B12.

J :D

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Thanks. Yes i take B12 (sublingual), and D, and C etc etc


Have you been tested for sjrogens syndrome? Sorry spelling not able to check before I post.


No i haven't Trudes. Someone on here told me if i don't have the dry eye problem (which i don't), it's probably not that. I only get the dry mouth when i am really worn out and feeling rough, along with the extra peeing and breath thing - not all the time.


Me too which is why I thought I'd mention it. I carried in wearing contact lenses as I had no idea. It was tested for as part og my lupus diagnosis. Not much that can be done to allieviate symptoms but for me it was a good explanation. Oh and I have noticed it i always worse around my period week so hormones playing a part to methinks!


Hi, have you ever looked into LDN? Low dose naltrexone? I am member of their site and thinking about looking into it more. I know that people with Sjorgens use it


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