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How do you know if your gut is working efficiently?

Have been reading about the various vitamins and minerals that help to support hypo. What I am bit unsure about is how you know, other than feeling unwell, if the digestive tract is processing them or indeed the T3/4 that I take efficiently. Is there a test that can tell me this please? Any advice would be really appreciated. Many thanks. Jx

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Hi Usually if an absorption problem, it is food too. You loose weight, if pancreatic Faecal Elastase , a home via Lab stool. test. Comes back idiot proof.If treatment needed enzymes, Creon, GP or H and B must be 20mins before any food. More likely with Caeliac disease.Often stools smelly and not digested.If it is food. normally if this is OK meds are too.There is also pancreatitis, drink or in my case autoimmune, but agonizing pain, so that can be ruled out if does not apply.



Usually, in the case of hypothyroidism you can, after a while, have stomach problems, the symptoms of which can be similar to high acid and we are prescribed meds for high acid when in fact, due to hypo slowing everything down, is really low acid. A link for your info only.


Thanks very much for this Shaws. I wil loook into this.



Thanks for your excellent link shaws, your link has thrown up ACV Apple Cider Vinegar which linked to helping Candida (Thrush) which in turn has helped my Daughter, who did not realize what Candida was. Funny enough our Daughter has been using ACV already, not for herself, but on her dogs, as it apparently helps to get rid of fleas. :)


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