Coming off HRT will it imbalance my well controlled under active thyroid 50mcg levothyroxine

After hysterectomy and ooverectomy been on premarin750mg 8yrs, new GP wants me off it, no advice on how and managing it ,has halved premarin,what happens next? Heard it can disrupt my thyroxine levels, underactive 9yrs but controlled on 50mcg levothyroxine. Im also struggling to stay emotionally stable after two yrs of grief and shock, any help advice on menopause ,coming off hrt,and management of thyroid

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  • Sorry that you're going through such a difficult time. I don't have experience of the drug you mention but I believe that you may need to increase thyroxine as the other hormone comes out of your system. But better to keep dose the same to start off with but be alert to how you feel - very difficult when you have so much going on, so regular blood tests too. Exercise (if you feel well enough) I think is the most helpful thing, as well as keeping weight down if you can, are the best things for menopause. I'm sure others will be able to suggest supplements too, but I don't go there. All the best.

  • Will try suggestions thanks

  • I came off HRT last September, after trying twice previously. I am still having the flushes but it doesn't seem to be too bad this time round. I was on it for 15 years after Hysterectomy and having Osteopenia. I had my yearly blood test in March and as usual they say it's normal! You could try the many so called alternative treatments, but for me they didn't work. I don't know whether doctor wants to just stop them, but I weaned myself of them gradually which is the best way. Hope it goes well

  • Thank you Wednesday, did you halve hrt dose? Have been on half dose for fortnight. How long before you cut it again? Concerned I won't pick up if I am going hypo in time as I would think it was menopause symptoms.

  • No I didn't halve.just took one every other day.After four weeks I dropped another one off and so on till I was off them altogether. Not easy but am getting there

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