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Thyroid Antibodies. What is the concensus?

Should we have them at all, and what do they mean?

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They help diagnose a thyroid autoimmune issue (Hashimoto's), but you can be hypothyroid without antibodies if you're iodine deficient or on drugs which suppress thyroid function like lithium (or obvs if your thyroid is congenitally absent/underactive or has been surgically removed).

If there are no antibodies shown with your first blood test Hashi's shouldn't automatically be excluded, esp if you have low t3 and/or t4. You need to be tested again at a later date.


Hello My Dear,

Perhaps you can tell me what this then means. My thyroglobin antibodies were 18.8 - (0-115) Negative. TPA's were 7.1 ( 0-34). My husbands were thyroglobulin antibodies 27.4 (0-115) negative and TPA's 10.5 - (0-34). Not then taking anything, both thyroids intact. How does this impact on a diagnosis? I understand the rest, I can't quite get my brain around this. Please illuminate!! XX


Yes sorry, both very low T4 x


Hi sheenah. I'm so sorry, I'm afraid I don't know what causes that but your low t4 is as I'm sure you know cause for concern. Perhaps someone else will be familiar with this issue. x


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