My family just don't understand

Having explained many times to my family and even giving my mum the information pack from the Thyroid UK website, my mum clearly still has no idea as I had this conversation today;

Her: Well where did you get this virus from?

Me: What virus?

Her: The one that's attacking your immune system

Me: Its my immune system that's attacking my body

Her: Well that doesn't make any sense

I give up.

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  • Oh poor you no one understands us only those who are going through thyroid issues. Keep the chin up.

  • It will have come from your familiy

    Had just the same crap from my MIL when my husband developed Graves and Hashimotos

    Now our daughter has it as do 4 grandaughters i of which is from our other unaffected daughter

    I know 100% that my MIL is hiding the truth from us

  • Type - Hashimotos Letter - into the Search Box at the top of the page on the green bar and a letter will appear that you can give to your Mum....

  • I love those thyroid sufferers letters - they just say it all don't they.

  • :-)

  • Thanks. I'll give it a try. I suspect she'll take it as an insult that I used a letter to get through to her though!

  • This is more or less the same question asked of Dr Lowe. Go to the date October 4, 2005.

  • Identical situation pretty much. But my mum is a drama queen and likes to announce my illness at dinner parties!

  • Yes as soon as I start to explain anything she makes a face and says its all to scientific for her.its not, she just can't be bothered to listen to someone else speak. She does like the sound of her own voice!

  • I know how you feel, it can be annoying. If I as much as yawn my mother or sister will say "is that your thyroid playing up again?" I have to laugh, you'd think it inconvenienced them and not me lol!!

  • If we've been out for the day I get asked if I need to go and have a nap before we do anything in the evening! Sometimes I do, but I refuse on principal!

  • Now I'm puzzled!

    If it's the immune system that's attacking our body (I hadn't thought of it in that way before) and zinc supports the immune system, am I doing the wrong thing by taking a zinc and magnesium tablet every morning?

  • No, that's doing you good. It supports the immune system and helps it work better, instead of attacking your own tissues

  • I see, thanks Harry :) I had a horrible feeling that I was doing the opposite.

  • I used to have arguments with my husband on a regular basis about my continuing to need to take levothroid - and he has a PhD in chemistry! Our conversations went like this:

    He: Why are you still taking this stuff? Your problem ought to be cured by now.

    I: It doesn't get cured. My immune system's destroyed part of my thyroid gland so it doesn't make enough thyroxine. I have to take it for the rest of my life.

    He: That's ridiculous. There's no reason to take a medicine for the rest of your life. If it doesn't fix the problem, then it's not doing you any good.

    I: Diabetics take insulin all their lives because they don't make enough insulin. I need thyroxine because I don't make enough of it.

    At this point he usually changed the subject or left the room. Eventually (after I'd run out of pills a few times) he realized I'm much more pleasant when I'm medicated. Now anytime I become crabby he asks whether I've been taking my thyroxine.

  • That's funny! I bet it taught him a lesson :-D

  • Haha that's hilarious! Well not for you! That's a good comparison with diabetes, I think I'll start using that!

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