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Can anyone tell me if 1 teaspoon of spirulina powder is safe to take with hyperthyroidism?

I recently started to take both a spoonful of spirulina and a spoonful of wheatgrass after I'd been feeling run down. I've only just read that spirulina contains lots of iodine and therefore isn't great for hyperthyroidism. My hyperthyroidism (diagnosed last September) is pretty well under control with 10 mg carbimazole daily and I'm just wondering if this supplement is a bad idea. Have 2nd appt with endocrinologist today so will find out how he thinks I'm doing but would welcome any advice as I don't think I'll even try having that discussion with endo!

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I would not add any iodine to my diet if I was (still) hyperthyroid. It will encourage more thyroid activity. And maybe lead to a higher dose of Carbimazol (of which I was not a fan).

Have you felt better for the supplements? It's a bit odd to feel run down with hyperthyroidism. Usually one is running on aviator fuel (as Dire Straits might put it).


Thanks for the answer. The hyperthyroidism is under control with the carbimazole but yes I do feel tired & run down. Have the supplements helped - a little I think. Appreciate your taking the time to answer. Certainly not feeling as if I'm running in aviator fuel!! Perhaps I'm going too far towards hypo now ..


When hyper one can move the world! Carbimazole takes the edge off that. Sometimes much more than an edge ... Endo (as you surmise) is unlikely to be sympathetic to a complaint of feeling run down (mine said, I quote, 'now you know how the rest of us feel'). but it could be solely the meds slowing you down. Be wary of that extra iodine all the same.


I will be careful of the iodine! Thank you. :)


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