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Am i right in thinking that completion hemithyroidectomy will be pretty much the same as last time?


I had a hemithyroidectomy a few weeks ago and they found Papilliary Cancer so i am having he other side of my thyroid removed on the 28th.

I understand that they will go back in the same place and just reopen up the scar that I have and remove the other side.

Should I expect the experience to be pretty much the same as last time in every way? I actually found it not too bad at all - no pain to speak of and the wrost part for me was the scratchy throat caused by the intubation!

With the scar having been used twice instead of just the once affect how it looks and heals long term?



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So sorry you had no replies - it would appear that your question was missed...

Hopefully someone with relevant knowledge will pick it up from Latest Activity...




Hi Melissa,

Yes, the 2nd procedure will be the same as the first. They reopened my scar extending it a gnat's to the right. It healed well and is a very fine white line in the hollow of my throat. I can barely see it. I was prescribed 3 x 20mcg Liothyronine daily the morning after completion surgery and Levothyroxine after RAI. If you aren't having RAI I imagine they'll start you on Levo straight away. Please ask for your calcium, B12, folate and vitD to be tested ASAP after surgery.

I hope all goes well and the food has improved.


Thanks Clutter, I thought it would be but then I had a moment yesterday where I thought i may be being a bit ignorant about it! :)

I had my B12, Folate, Ferritin and Vit D tested last week at my doctors so have them as a base comparison. I'm confident I can get my Dr to redo them after this op if they aren't done by the hospital. My endo also said they would be checking my calcium after this next op.

My results were:

serum vitamin B12 380 ng/L (220-770)

serum folate 9.6 ug/L (2.6-17.3)

serum ferritin 26 ug/L (10-420)

Serum Vit D 109 mol/L (>50 adequate)

Once on Levo, should I be aiming for similar TFT levels to what I had a few months ago, before any surgery?

I hope you are well,



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