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4 hours between Levo and supplements/ it same for NDT?

Hi, I'm soon to start self-medicating with NDT and was wondering if the 4 hour rule that applies to Levo between it and taking indigestion remedies and supplements, also equally applies to NDT. I suffer from GERD as a result of a damaged valve and take 40mg Esomeprazole on waking, which is the strongest stuff on the market. Will the NDT be as effective if I wait 4 hours before taking it? If I did it the other way round, stomach and chest pains would dictate the day.



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Hi Shiny 1, I take an acid lowering drug that is really messing with my absorption. I take my biggest dose NDT & T3 in the morning, and lump all my prescription drugs to take after supper. I think it's really important to get the biggest gap you can. I take supplements with a 4 hour gap, but a 12 hour with my acid lowering drugs.

Just an aside, are you having problems with anaemia? My b12 folate and iron is low, despite eating plenty of foodstuffs with these nutrients. I know my low stomach acid is causing this.


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