Why do holidays seem to be so bad for me????

I've had an under active thyroid and poor adrenal function for a couple of years now. The last 6 months my adrenals have been a lot better and I've generally managed to avoid the horrible crash cycle. However, I've come away on holiday and didn't sleep a wink last night, which is one of my main crash symptoms, accompanied by overwhelming fatigue the next day. I came away the same time last year and was in an awful crash the whole holiday. I was well prepared so there was no stress beforehand, but am so disappointed that this seems to be happening again after quite a while of feeling pretty good. Has anyone had anything similar?

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  • I always think wellness is based on many things - are you eating drastically different or going to bed /getting up at very times / did you miss any medication, or were there time differences to cope with when you travelled. Because we can feel well at times we sometimes forget its a long term condition and slight changes can affect how you feel. Is the temperature very different? Did you have a long journey, have you given yourself chance to recover? Travelling itself can be a stress on the body even if you're feeling organised and calm about it. Hope you're soon feeling better and can enjoy your holiday.

  • Hi there, thanks for responding the funny thing is the answer to all your questions is no! Everything has been the same, no meds missed, similar climate, afternoon travel with rest until we left. I'm in a place I've been to many times (France) and love, fairly similar climate. Hopefully things will settle down as. I was really looking forward to the break. I think one thing I've found since the adrenal thing is that my body likes and craves routine. Being somewhere different seems to set things off. But you can't not have a holiday every now and then can you?!

  • I sympathise and understand what you say about routine. I am similar, especially in when and what I eat. Change can really mess me about - but I have got better at coping with it. Hope you settle down quickly and enjoy and benefit from your holiday.

  • I have learnt that travelling pretty much always upsets taxed adrenals. Even if it's travelling for fun.

    For me Melatonin has been beneficial. I take 1g most nights to help me sleep. The first few nights away I take 2-3g Melatonin.

    When I had severe adrenal fatigue and had to travel I resorted to a sleeping pill just to make sure I could fall asleep.

  • It would appear I'm the same, it's very frustrating, and kinda boring too. Annoyingly, I've got some melatonin at home but forgot to bring it! I always sleep fine at home now, I'm getting much better with fewer crashes, so didn't think to bring it, doh!

  • Yes isn't it :-( Fingers crossed for the rest of your holiday. Perhaps stress dose with lots of vit C and B?

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