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Thyroid Nodules

Hi I'm looking for bit of advice as I seem to be coming to a blank with my GP's..

Having been admitted to hospital with severe fatigue and severe facial swelling, I was discharged with no known cause, a few day later the swelling is so severe it is now affecting my breathing and tongue is swelling ! I am re admitted after a blackout period (I was awake but no one home so to speak) tests show my kidney function is failing.. More specific tests done and I am diagnosed with being grossly hypothyroid with a TSH of 178mu/L (0.40-5.50mu/L) FT4 of 2.4 pmol/L (11.5-22.70 pmol/L) serum creatinine 119umol/L (59.00-101.00umol/L) serum cholesterol 9mmol/L (3.00-5.5mmol/L) I am put on 125mg levothyroxin and 40mg of satin ...

That was 3 mths ago, my blood now apparently read "in the normal range" however although my swelling has gone down I still am suffering extreme fatigue and a multitude of other symptoms suggesting hypo .. I feel as though I have a scarf tightening around my neck and constantly lifting my chin to try to relieve this feeling..

Was sent for a scan (ultrasound) due to swelling felt in neck .. Person who performed my scan said my thyroid measured at the top end of the scale, was very dense, and had lots of small nodules and had a nodular shape to it..

Just received a call from my GP with the results and another GP has reviewed the scan report and noted "all normal no further action" !?! The GP who called (prior booked telephone appointment) has looked at this and commented that she has never dealt with a nodular shaped thyroid so cannot comment ! Other than it's normal !!

Sorry to rattle on but a) is this normal b) might the fact that I'm suffering XYZ point to the fact this is not normal... I'm contemplating going private to see a specialist as I am just hitting a wall..

Please does anyone have any advice ...??? If I have another doctor who says I'm normal again or it's now stress I will go nuts.. I'm getting stressed now simply because I'm getting no where ..

Rant over lol any help or advice very very welcome :-)

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Welcome ! Oh dear - you are obviously having a bad time and need to take things a step at the time. Without your most recent results it is difficult for anyone to offer advice. In Eastern Medicine the thyroid and the kidneys are on the same line of energy or meridian - so no surprises there. Am just wondering how long you have been poorly or did this just happen suddenly. Perhaps Docs have missed vital signs before.

Before Thyroid tests came into being it was assumed that people had hypothyroidism when their cholesterol was raised. Yours is only slightly raised and I would read up what you can on statins - they seem to have side effects.

Cholesterol is naturally occurring in the body and is needed in the brain and for good hormone conversion - in the adrenals too.

I would suggest having the basics checked - B12 - Ferritin - Folate - Iron - VitD. All these are rarely checked unless requested - so important they are high in their ranges for optimal health and good conversion of the T4 you are taking into the ACTIVE thyroid hormone T3.

You also need to have your Anti-bodies checked - Anti-TPO and Anti-Tg in case you have Hahshimotos - which is the auto-immune version of thyroid illness and the most common throughout the developed world. Diet ???

Did the GP palpate your neck ? If not why not - if he/she did maybe they could feel something. Sometimes seeing an Endo does not improve matters as there are strict guidelines. If you PM Louise Warville on this forum she is able to give you a list of good Docs/Endos. Also do look and read the main website of Thyroid UK where you will find lots of information. Am afraid we have to do lots of reading and learn to take control of our own health. There is so much we can do to help ourselves.

Am sure others will be along with more advice.... oh and never accept the word NORMAL - what is normal for one is not normal for another. always ask for and keep copies of your bloodtests to monitor your own progress. Leave nothing to chance....


The more people post about their abysmal treatment, especially being admitted to hospital with horrendous clinical symptoms. They medical personnel cannot put two and two together to make Hypothyroidism. Swollen tongue, breathing problems, TSH of 178.

A link re the serious consequence of undetected/undiagnosed hypothyroidism.


If you are being adequately medicated for your thyroid you should find that your cholesterol has gone down into the normal range so you no longer need to take the statins. I have heard that doctors are paid extra to prescribe statins, so don't be surprised if your doctor doesn't want to stop prescribing them, but I really wouldn't want to be taking unnecessary meds for the rest of my life. Post your latest blood test results here with the ranges so we can comment on how 'normal' they are.


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