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Thyroid Function and other metabolic changes in married and unmarried females with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Thyroid function and other metabolic changes in married and unmarried females with polycystic ovary syndrome

I found this and thought it might be of interest to some.

I haven't read it fully as I don't suffer myself but I really don't know what what the difference is if your married or not, ;-) perhaps I should read it

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Thanks for posting ,my daughter as this so i have saved it for her to read,


Hope she finds it useful x


what puzzles me is why they would think that there were differences btwn married and unmarried people in the first place, seems like prejudice to me. The paper isn't stating a hypothesis, it is not to be trusted.



Hi Roslin,

Yes I did find it a very odd comparison, I was just trying to point out the relation mentioned between , carbohydrate and lipid metabolism, androgenic and thyroid.

but It is an Iraq journal, no correlation was found between married or unmarried don't quite know what they were trying to prove.

"In conclusion, no correlations were reported for

the marital status with thyroid hormones, carbohydrate and lipid

metabolism in Iraqi females with PCOS"


I know what you mean



I would think that in Iraq married or unmarried is a euphemism for sexually active or a virgin!


Not knowing anything about PCOSs myself, do you know, does it make a difference to whether your active or not ?

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I don't know anything about it either :-)

I was just pondering on the distinction. ;-)


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