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T4 stable, TSH very unstable - Over-active thyroid


I was diagnosed with an over-active thyroid in September 2012 - maybe Graves but I went private after being letting down by the NHS and my private endo is not sure I have Graves.

Anyway, after one month of 15mg of Carbimazole, my T4 went down from 34 to 15 (9-19) with TSH suppressed. My TSH came back after 2 months and went up to 2.4 with Carbimazole but my T4 always remained at 15. I've been off Carbi for 6 months now, my TSH is low 0.6 (0.4-5) but my T4 are still at 15.

My endo has no explanations and find this strange. I have a new blood test to do: TSH receptor antibodies, thyroglobulin and thyroid peroxidase.

Did someone experience the same or have an explanation for this strange behavior?

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Do you have hypothyroid symptoms now? It sounds as though your Thyroid is 'sulking' - ignoring the messages it is being sent by your pituitary. Just a thought - did you have your blood tests at the same time of day each time? Doctors don't seem to recognise that it makes a difference but the TSH changes quite a lot during the day, and is highest first thing in the morning.


I'm symptomless, whether hyper or hypo. I had all my blood tests at different times of the day, sometimes in the morning, sometimes late in the afternoon. Thanks a lot for answer.


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