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Gene Mutation and thyroid

Having recieved ay DNA blood results i have been researching what they actually mean and how my symptoms maybe in part be accounted for due to these findings.

My results showed that i have a single mutation in one of the most important genes called the MTHFR gene. The purpose of this gene is to convert folate into active and useable folate in every single cell in the body.Folic acid by itself is useless until it has run through various enzymes and transferred into useable folate the body can use.

The mutation interfers with this process and reduces production of enzymes which are the bodys cellular power unit and without the power unit working to capacity life every organ is under threat. Without the workings of the enzymes life ceases.

The mutation causes a reduction in the vital enzymes to convert B2 into actie FAD, and thyroxine ie T4 been the most important form of B2.

If someone had a single MTHFR mutation they could still have problems with decreased hormones impacting of conversion of essential nutrients which in turn could cause many health issues.

But having a thyroid problem along with this mutation is a double whammy where many more health issues can occur.

I know with my own health that i have not felt well in years and feel ill most of the time since being diagnosed with Hashimotos.

Maybe this faulty gene plays an important role n why some of us do not do well on thyroid meds alone when some people have few problems.

I would be interesed to hear what you think

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Can you tell me where you had this done, please. 23andme don't seem to do it anymore.



Regenerous labs in the uk..bloods went to America for testing


Also the European Laboratory of Nutrients in Holland. Jane x


Were these the results from the methylation panel that you had done? If so that explains a lot.

You may be interested in the work of Dr. Amy Yasko

and also

Also, have you been able to obtain a copy of Dr. Nathan's book? He explains the very complex subject of methylation very well.

Jane x

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Yes Jane they were from that test..your right this mutation does explain alot including toxins and allergies.

Iv not got Dr.Nathans book as yet.Iv been looking at some research by Dr.Lynch.

Im still working through the rest of the mutations.

I know your daughters results were in a different format, but did she have the same mutation?


Sounds like you hit the nail on the head and why my husband and daughter and grandaughter cant tolerate Thyroxine but they also have problems with T3 too so chemical sensitivity is involved somewhere as well

How did you get this gene mutation tested ?


Regenerous labs sent me a prick finger pack,i sent it back to them and then the bloods went to the states for can take upto 60 days. But at least you find out if you have this additional problem on top of thyroid.


What is the name of the test please?


Its called Methylation panel test

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