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Gp wants to lower levo dose if it gets to 20

Last time I saw my gp I asked for an increase in levo as I was decreasing t3 due to some side effects. My t4 test was 18 (11-23) which she said was high enough and was reluctant to increase it and that when it reached 20 she would be looking to decrease it. However she did agree to increase it and I feel much better on my current dose but I have to go for blood tests next week and I am concerned that she will want to lower the dose again! Does anyone know why she doesn't want it to go over 20 when top of range is 23?

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I could suggest a very unflattering reason! ;-)

But, she is wrong. As long as your FT3 is within range, your FT4 can be right at the top, or slightly above, range. So the blessed Dr Toft says.


Because she's misinformed. I almost wrote 'stupid' but that seemed unfair, as most GPs just don't get how this works. The only way anyone could get close to understanding whether you're taking too much Levo (and whether it's being converted into anything useful!) would be to test FT3 as well.


The doctor should pay more attention as to how the patient feels, rather than dosing according to whatever the blood test shows. Unfortunately, they don't know very much about the thyroid gland or function of it. Excerpt:-

Dr. Lowe: With most patients, I use thyroid function tests (TSH, free T3, and free T4) and thyroid antibodies only for a patient’s initial diagnosis. Afterward, I follow the practice, in principal, of Dr. Broda Barnes—that is, measuring tissue effects of particular dosages of thyroid hormone rather than remeasuring TSH, free T3, and free T4 levels.

My reason for this different protocol is simple: the TSH, free T3, and free T4 tell us only how the pituitary and thyroid glands are interacting.

Tell her you will not reduce the dose as you are feeling better at this level.

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What new horror are GPs visiting upon HypoT patients? There's another post tonight asking the same question.


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