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Left Thyroid lobectomy, 4 days post op and looking for advice regarding whether I need to progress any of my test results further?

Pre op Test - Result - Range - Serum Sodium 137 (133-146), Serum Potassium 4 (3.5 - 5.3), Serum Chloride 109 (95-108), Serum urea level 3.8 (2.5-7.8), Serum Creatinine 60 (50-100), GFR Calculated >60 (60-140), Serum Calcium 2.31 (2.20 - 2.60), ...

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Hi Jane, I am sorry nobody has replied yet but I would think your endo or GP are the best people to ask at this stage. I can see your calcium looks fine, which is the one I was worried about after my TT. The others I cannot comment on, as it is too specialised for me! I hope you recover well. x


Hi Hennerton, thank you for your reply, initially all was great post op, the scar looked amazing, I was still tired but this is to be expected, then week after surgery a HEMATOMA behind my scar so currently feel like I have barbed wire wrapped around my throat.............and feel worse than I did pre op. It is slowly getting better or either I am becoming more tolerant of it, have been back to endo and GP and I am waiting results of more blood tests, but hoping everything is all good.


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