A hopeful new article proposing that adding T3 to thyroid treatment is the way to go!

Janie Bowthorpe's observations on an interesting article by Dr. Wilmar Wiersinga that came out this year in the journal Nature Reviews Endocrinology titled “Paradigm shifts in thyroid hormone replacement therapies for hypothyroidism.”


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  • Good news that Clutter, :)

    Wonder how long it will take to filter down to our Gp's and Endocrines.

    Also mentioned NDT too :)

  • On the assumption that a generation is about 15 years then I'd guess it will take about 30 years (two generations) to filter into the consciousness of the UK medical profession. (Sorry, I'm a cynic.)

  • I would say you are optimistically realistic. Need to get it on Wikipedia where med students and doctors can see it.

  • about time

  • This is a fantastic paper, thanks for sharing :)

  • My timing sucks! Helvella has posted confirmation from Amdipharm Mercury that T3 is out of stock in UK and won;t be available until end of April.

  • I have just been told by chemist that t 3 is again out of stock and won't be available any time soon! How can this situation be allowed to continue when do many of us rely on it to get through the day? I have contacted MHRA to complain and have been advised to email them in order that they can then approach mercury pharma for clarification of the position. Perhaps if we all did this it would put pressure on them to get their act together. I am quite panicky at the thought of running out. Any other suggestions?

  • Oh, b*%%*€§$. Am planning to show papers such as this to the endocrinologist. Some people seem to obtain it from Boots (Paddock laboratories USA) somehow (which would suit me as free from lactose). Hope is a spindly wisp at the moment :\

  • \Keep working on the endo. It's Amdipharma Mercury in UK who is out of stock. If you are prescribed you can always wait until stocks are available. it's those who have to re-source or change brands that \I feel sorry for.

  • Yes, you are right. It is very a worrying, appalling situation. People are so vulnerable in the UK with so little choice.

  • Can we organise a gathering of the clans to stand outside every surgery and clinic in the world, to proclaim this message loud and clear? We can't all be wrong, so let's push the message home to those who tell us how we should feel when "properly"treated!

  • We can but hope


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