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treatment for reverse T3

Hi all, I am going through the Wilson protocol of gradual t3 . I am amazed how much T3 I am taking in the morning I take 52.5 MCR in the morning and 52.5 Mcr in the evening. Before this I was on NHS thyroxin and one very small fragment above 100MCR . I would get short of breath, heart pounding and wheezing . The only side effect I have had is prolific dreams and I am hungry all the time.

Any comments or advice please.


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Low iron levels are associated with raised rT3. I assume that you had your iron levels thoroughly checked before starting this experiment?



Yes that was the first thing I was tested for. Most drs in the NHS suggest I have depression as usual. but to be honest I feel so well on this protocol . This is my first cycle and I have just failed it as my body temperature has gone down to 97, 5 and I feel cold but its a good start.. thanks for your reply.


Eat chocolate? :)


Now I can do this but I have diabetes in the family and was diagnosed insulin resistant.


Please keep us informed of your results. Unfortunately there is no science behind the treatment and I keep hoping that someday some will be done. I have read several patient reports that it has worked for them and I have read doctors who say it works so I would be interested to know how you do with it. PR



I just replied to your other thread. I now see that you're on T3 so my reply is useless.

Well that bit, the advice to get vitamins tested is good.

BTW you haven't failed the Wilson regime. It just hasn't worked for you yet. Hopefully it will.


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