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Is there any point at all in me going to the doctors with adrenal fatigue/hypothyroid?! Am I likely to get support, or just confused looks?!

Hi there :) I hope somebody may be able to advise me, as I'm unsure what to do. I found out (via saliva test in Jan) that I am suffering with adrenal fatigue, and recently also did a private urine test to check my thyroid, which suggests I'm hypothyroid. T4 is in range, T3 is low.

From what I have read, and what many others have said - doctors are pretty useless when it comes to adrenal issues (unless severe). I've booked an appointment with my preferred doctor on Friday, but I'm really starting to wonder what the point is, and what I'm really expecting? I'd 'like' some support and guidance - basically somebody to tell me if what I'm doing is right or wrong. Sometimes it's a bit scary going it alone, and frankly I don't think anybody should!!! If I do go, I might print off my results and hand them in a few days before my appointment, and hope that the doc will at least have a look through them and think about his own approach to the subject before I go in. Long shot, but worth a go?

Should I ask for more thyroid tests? Should I ask them to check anything else? I had a full blood count last June, which all came back 'normal'. However - I don't believe I want to be taking any thyroid meds at the moment, until my adrenals have been addressed?

If anybody has any suggestions/tips for this appointment, I'd really appreciate it! Or if it's probably a waste of time, then I won't waste my energy going lol.

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If you don't see your GP s/he won't have the opportunity to help you. People on this site have generally not had great experiences with GPs, hence they turn to TUK for help and support. What you don't see are the people who have had great help from their GPs. They don't need support.

I didn't see my GP until a lump presented. TFT were normal, which is typical with autoimmune thyroiditis (Hashimoto's) which I was diagnosed with after referral to a surgeon 6 weeks later. My GP couldn't have been more helpful and supportive. I'm very sad that she's moved on from the practice.

Your GP may not have experience of adrenal issues but a good GP will refer you to an endocrinologist when face with something outside of his/her experience.

I would advise going to the appointment with the results you have and requesting a TFT. Impress on the doctor that FT3 needs testing and s/he should make it clear, in writing, on the bloods request, else the lab may just decide to test TSH.

If the appointment is unsatisfactory you can request a 2nd opinion with another GP in the practice or even look for a new GP practice. Most people only go it alone when they have exhausted all other options. Sometimes it is the only way to restore your health.

I do hope it goes well on Friday.

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