Just noticed I just lose weight when very depressed. Does it have anything to do with insufficient/not working adrenals?

I'm on 125levo and the pounds just keep on piling on top of other symptoms. I had an awful depression last year and the weight melted away. 2stones in two months even though I couldn't drag myself to the gym and only ate comforting food. Have I destroyed my adrenals? Anyone experienced it?

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  • You can lose or gain weight with depression, or low or high thyroid. I don't know about adrenals, but someone else will

  • Thing is I really want to lose weight. Although I'm dieting and exercising lots not lost much. Then if I get depressed I can lose a stone in a month.

  • I do not know the answer but I know the same thing happens to me. I get very anxious, depressed with bad acne and hair loss too. It has to be hormonal. Hopefully someone here will know the answer. Hope you feel better soon xxx

  • I would like to hear from someone too. How to lose weight without being depressed. Endo has done a 24hour urine test so I will find out when I get the results.

  • Weight loss is a sign of severe adrenal fatigue yes. It happened to me as well. I've always struggled to keep my weight down but when my adrenals were in very bad shape my weight plummeted too. The depression and anxiety was horrendous.

  • Kiltis not a good experience is it? So how did you control your adrenals?

  • No, I shudder when I think about it :-(

    I did a saliva test and found out when I had low cortisol (mornings) and high cortisol (afternoons). I read Dr Wilson's book 'Adrenal fatigue' and followed his advise: liquorice root tea and a tsp of Celtic sea salt in water in the mornings. I also avoided food I'm intolerant to (did test) and stopped drinking coffee. Took lots of vit C and other vitamins and minerals too.

    But what really helped me was the CT3M method.


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