getting up today

after 5 hours broken sleep and nightmares just could not bring myself to get up even with Annie pawing me walk ended in getting a bus home -feet so painfully sore and like tendons pulling under my arch with cold and this same as CTS in wrists but on the feet?padded ankles of boots rubbing my ankles cos of the way my feet turn outwards.whoops on wrong post -should be fibro.!

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  • Hi Anbuma,Glad you posted on thyroid or I wouldn't have read your post. I was interested in your foot pain,do you get this often?? I think I have Morton's Neuroma in both feet. I have constant pins and needles,pain like there is a stone in my shoes and welling.By night I'm almost in tears and the pain persists while I'm in bed.Does this sound anything like what you are suffering?

  • hi there.its in my left foot all the time.right foot is fine.i m not sure not heard of Mortons Neuroma.the only time its not a problem is when I am asleep,but I do get like a shooting pain when i get into bed and lie down.i get "spasms"of it in the evening when watching telly and find a "wheat bag"(heated in microwave)sometimes helps.need t look up mortons neuroma.

  • just googled mortons neuroma and I don't think its that from symptoms they are not the same.most of my pain is in the arch of my foot(tho I do have a high instep/arch which it mentions) although my toes do turn upwards.i dont get pain actually in my toes or heel.

  • If I had to guess what's bothering you from this post alone is guess plantar fasciitis. Tingling is sometimes reported with it and the first steps in the morning are the worst.

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