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Thyroid results

Went to see my gp today to get my blood results. Had hardly slept all night got up at 7 cause it takes me ages to get ready in a morning. Got my shower and put some slap on. Saw my lovely lady gp read her my list of questions and basically RA levels ok thyroid borderline. I have got to take another 25g thyroxine on alternate days to see if that helps. Regards RA I go to the clinic in April so will hang on till then.x

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But its absolutely vital to get the ACTUAL results including reference ranges

Lovely GP or not they often are incapable of understanding thyroid results

has she also tested ferritin and folate ?


Morning Sharon,

Sorry to hear you are so poorly. It sounds so Familiar, if what they were doing was working you wouldn't feel the way you do, so how you can borderline? .

Did your doctor give you the ranges? Have they done any other tests or have they just passed you over to a so called specialist?

Good luck for you appointment in April


On the positive side they have upped your medication a bit.


Hello Sharon - please do look back at your post and replies of three days ago. Everyone gave you lots of good advice - myself included. I suggested that as you have RA that you may have Auto-immune Thyroiditis and to have anti-bodies tested. Others suggested you obtain your results with ranges so we can help you more. Also Low T3 was mentioned. So have they been tested ?

I am glad you have an increased dose - but on the other hand if you are not converting it into the ACTIVE T3 then you will not improve your health. Also the B12 Ferritin Folate Iron Vitd were

mentioned - did you have those tested ?

You mention your list of questions for the lovely GP - what were they ? and what were her answers ? - of course you may not wish to tell us and that is quite understandable. Sadly we cannot leave it to the GP's to make us well - we have to take control and make it happen for ourselves.

Please forgive me if I sound a little cross - it's just the feeling that we would like to be there for you when you are feeling poorly and to sort it all out for you :-) As I mentioned in my last post - stick with this forum and you will soon be well. You will get more than an extra 25mcg of T4... :-)


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