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Dr Alyssa Burns-Hill takes on the Advertising Standards Authority

She's made a video about double standards and how the ASA stopped her from saying that saliva testing was reliable.

There is also a petition

"Her core diagnostic technique is salivary hormone testing, which has certain advantages over the more common plasma and serum tests. It’s not a new test, and since both mainstream and natural healthcare practitioners alike have recognised the value of salivary hormone analysis, one would expect it to be uncontroversial.

But alas, no. Triggered by a single complaint, a 21st November 2012 ruling by the ASA ordered Alyssa to remove from her website the claim that “these are advanced medical tests...which are able to identify hidden hormone imbalances”.

Alyssa Spills All on the ASA

Alyssa’s video, aptly entitled Alyssa Spills All, takes a surgical knife to what she calls “the seemingly arbitrary nature of [the ASA’s] so-called adjudications”. In order to find against Alyssa on salivary testing, for example, the ASA relied on a single 2010 article by a non-medically trained journalist writing in the Wall Street Journal. In it, the author reported: “Study author Michael Gröschl, a biologist at the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg in Germany, says more work is needed before hormone profiles for aging will be reliable.”

In ‘ASA-land’, such unsupported statements are more scientifically persuasive evidence than the peer-reviewed articles, published in reputable scientific journals, provided by Alyssa. Genova Diagnostics Europe, the laboratory that makes the salivary hormone testing kits, is fully accredited in the UK by – among others – the National Health Service (NHS) inspector, the Care Quality Commission. But the ASA seems to think it knows better."

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This is a beautiful made video, concise and understandable.

Alyssa is right, who are these people who have set themselves up as an Official Body, without the necessary Government approval. Their title does mislead the public, most of whom were interviewed thought it was an official government body.

It sounds familiar in that they pronounce decisions like a couple of organisations I can think of who ignore scientific evidence to pronounce that levothyroxine is the only thyroid gland medication to be prescribed despite the outcry of patients who find that it actually makes them feel worse and have years of ill-health plus a myriad of other medications to control clinical symptoms, in fact disabling the patients.

I am signing Alyssa's petition.


It all depends which salivary tests you mean. Some like cortisol, sex hormones, cholesterol are OK, but thyroid hormones not. There's plenty of peer reviewed evidence that shows salivary T4 is related to albumin-bound T4 in blood and not FT4. T3 will be similar. A general claim about salivary measurements cannot be supported.


Very interesting, thank you for posting this.

Petition signed but shocked that the ASA are not a proper Regulator and have the gall to mislead the Public.


I've only just found this posting so, thank you for your support. (Better late than never?) Yes, I agree salivary testing is only suitable in some hormones and I use it for steroid hormones - oestrogen, testosterone, progesterone and the adrenals.

You may be pleased to know that my film is bringing more people 'out of the closet' when it comes to being persecuted by the ASA Limited - because don't forget it is a Limited Company, not a statutory body!

There is more action afoot - so I am hoping ... keep watching!

Sending best wishes and thanks again for your support.

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