Hidden Cause of Low Thyroid Symptoms

Many do feel better after getting proper treatment of thyroid hormone but never really optimal. This chiropractor suggests there is much more to it even after your tests are normal.

If link doesn't work, its author is clarkchiro

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  • Hi, One of the world's best authorities on thyroid disease and fibromyalgia was the late Dr. John Lowe who trained as a chiropractor and then trained others too. Dr. Lowe was not a great believer in the accuracy of blood test results for diagnosis, but rather looked at the patient and her symptoms holistically and treated accordingly. He put my daughter on T3 and told her to raise her dose until her symptoms went away - at one time she was taking over 200mcg. Not all of her symptoms did go, but many did, and she truly believes that Dr. Lowe saved her life. Jane x

  • Jane, I went to Mary Shomon's website more than ten years ago and learned of Dr. Lowe. They certainly opened my eyes.

    Because of newer research, this man also makes sense. Often they cannot explain some of the chemical processes and the fact that dopamine, serotonin, cytokines, etc. are involved in this and may play a part in how healthy or unhealthy we feel. It may be difficult to find functional medicine doctors to treat you but for those that just can't recover, it may be worthwhile.

  • Isn't it great that so much is now coming from outside the gagged and dysfunctional endocrine specialty. My daughter is now on the road to health because firstly of Dr. Lowe who kept her metabolism ticking over, but also now because of new discoveries made by doctors who are not satisfied when their patients don't get well, and want to know why! Jane x

  • It's scary Jane that the system is still trying to treat metabolic illness on a narrow focus/minimum number of variables (and hence tests) and one size fits all basis. Heaven knows what's going on in the rest of medicine.

    There's little sign of even the beginnings of an acknowledgement that we're dealing with a network of complex interdependent systems here. It's not just a bloody mindedly out of date approach, it's so far out of whack with accepted methods in technology that it's positively archaic.

    It clearly suits the interests of the profession, the bureaucracy and the broader pills and procedures industry that has come to call the shots - but is it any wonder that so many of us are left ill and with little option but to suffer on?


  • vaj, have you had any functional medicine testing done?

    I hope you will listen to the whole series. It is very convincing.

  • I hope you will listen to the whole series. It is very convincing.

  • It's all going over my head a bit this evening, but why is it always American doctors who come up with these new theories? Why don't we ever see English doctors thinking outside the box?

  • Well, when your fog lifts you are going to be even more disgusted. I think in the U.S. we have more resources in education and a bright diversity of people. Now, I'm thinking none of us have a thyroid problem and the thyroid has little to do with Hashimoto's except it becomes the target of the autoimmune attack. We should not even be going to an endocrinologist.

    This is clearly the answer why even the optimally treated patient still doesn't feel well. The man's conclusions as to why even Armour doesn't suit everyone and the fact people are ill for many years before being treated for hypothyroidism and those that are still don't do well should really convince us that it is not your thyroid. It can be a serotonin, cytokine, dopamine, cortisol, etc. issue. I hope you listen to the whole series which may reveal where your particular weaknesses lie.

  • Hi Heloise, The endocrine system is so complex,.it makes sense that if something is out of whack the rest follows. I've been saying for years that the tinkering i've had in terms of surgeries never 100% solves the problem. There are always consequencies elsewhere in the body. Re my days of being diagnosed with depression the interesting thing for me is that i never responded to the drugs. Later on i became allergic and can't tollerate them at all. I'm talking about mucous membranes cracking and bleeding, not just feeling a bit off. I always do think i'm short of serotonin so none of it makes sense. Your hormones need to be in balance to sleep, yet many of us are virtually sleepless, even on meds. Maybe it's just the testing? I've yet to meet anyone who's numbers look great, who feels they are now 100%. These numbers just don'r seem to reflect how patients are feeling. It's a shame we can't just plug ourselves into a very sophisticated diagnostic bit of kit. I think maybe cars do better lol. It could turn the endocrine world upside down if looking at the thyroid isn't the answer.

    I will definitely look at the other video's. X

  • I think you are right about the car mechanics as well as everything else. I do believe you will see why it's impossible to get well by just taking thyroid hormones after watching these. There are 24 videos which have the ring of truth.

  • Hi Heloise, that's a lot of videos! I'll try and watch a couple an evening.

    I do think we have more chance of improving with healthy eating, staying hydrated and attempting to get enough sleep. Even a short walk is helpful for stress levels. The trouble is a lot of the time it's so hard to motivate yourself when you're feeling so poorly. Bite size and pacing taking on lifestyle changes goes a long way.

  • I understand, hel. It's hell! Take your time but I'll tell you, I haven't felt this hopeful in years and years that there is a better answer to this. You will see, it is quite a departure from the reality we've lived in for a long time. It's a paradigm shift and those are always hard. I think you will enjoy them. I couldn't STOP watching.

  • Wow Heloise, thanks for giving me a gentle push in this direction. I will definitely watch them all. The guy seemed a bit "out there" but i promise i'll keep an open mind. X

  • Hi H. I'll work through the vids in the coming days.

    Somebody (could it have been yourself?) posted a link on functional medicine a while ago: functionalmedicine.org It's great to see it emerge.

    I'm an engineer, and quite honestly can see no basis for anything other than the interdependent systems and functional perspectives in situations like metabolic and other chronic illnesses.

    We're clearly (given there's so many dimensions (physical, spiritual, energetic, mental, belief/behavioural etc etc) a long way from being able to handle illness in a deterministic manner (as though we had a mathematical model that enabled prediction of outcomes given enough test info to tie down the status) - but nothing else can hope to deal with realities.

    Effective cross disciplinary co-operation could bring so many fresh perspectives to bear, but medicine continues so often to maintain this elitist and omnipotent facade. Dogma driven treatment by rote simply can't hope to cut it.

    The difference between here and the US (despite the vagaries of the latter) is unfortunately i think is to do with the society containing enough people of sufficient compassion and wisdom - right motivation. I think too that intensifying bureaucracy is squeezing free thinking out of medicine and science.

    It's to my mind inconceivable that most practitioners in our patch see no problem with giving their life to such a dysfunctional system - it surely requires incredible mental gymnastics or an almost complete inability to think more widely than their training to justify/feel good about doing so. Or a focus on priorities other than patient care.

    The manner in which the authority of medicine is enshrined in societal values and law isn't a healthy (not a pun) situation either - it's scary just how unquestioningly accepting we are of the 'jobsworth' mentality in this part of the world.

    Luckily we're in an era which is seeing the societal institutions be exposed by terrible scandals, tumble one after the other and be seen for what they are - religion, politics, law, public service, professional groups, academia etc. All are being exposed - as means of control that act primarily in the interests of selfish elites.

    More widepread access to information and increased self responsibility/decreased suggestibility by the public is eroding their untouchability (which is a relic of brainwashing in a past and highly authoritarian era), and the belief systems that keep them in power.

    We're not going to see really fundamental change though until such time as enough awaken sufficiently so that given the chance they won't simply re-create the old stuff in new form - and will instead be motivated to act for the greater good...

    Anyway - enough said. It's just a personal view with its origins in hard experience, and I'd better not get going on the topic...


  • You definitely are seeing the big picture, ian. Society is disintegrating as a whole with a few hanging on to their integrity by a thread. When I first obtained a computer, I came upon a website in which a medical doctor answered all personal medical problems. He had lost his medical license due to his success with integrated therapies. He thought outside the box in other words. Although he died two years ago his website is archived and if you care to look up his comments on a multitude of topics including functional medicine, you could keep it handy for later use. I learned a lot from him. askwaltstollmd.com/wwwboard...

    I was not the poster but I shall check out that website. Maybe we can still save ourselves!

  • Ta for that H. Docs that do try to think experience incredible pressures to conform with rigidly imposed treatment protocols - and face all sorts of sanctions and legal and other exposures if they don't. Hyper bureaucracy has emerged in response to the increasing pressure to perform on the organisations in which these people work.

    It's a very unpleasant scenario for them and the other employees too.

    I spent quite a few years in change management and management consulting before the health ended my professional career.

    This while fairly dense is a good read amazon.com/Managing-New-Org... - it sets out precisely why this hyper bureaucracy, and the associated dysfunctionality, learned helplessness and burnout are inevitable in authoritarian bureaucracies (and their employees) when they are required to satisfy modern day performance demands - in response to higher and much more precisely articulated customer expectations than ever before.

    i.e. to deliver higher levels of service/more highly optimised solutions than the one size fits all and highly compromised ones that passed as acceptable in the good old days when the punter was heavily conditioned to touch his/her forelock rather than to question their medical gods...

    Deep change is inevitable unless the elites regain the total control they previously had, and the genie is long out of the bottle. Many have retreated into the bunker rather than engage with this reality, but this is worsening the situation..


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