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Firstly, just an overview of myself: I'm a 40-year-old male, and I haven't been diagnosed with anything. But due to my symptoms, I'm leaning towards a dodgy thyroid and/or Hashimotos - but I'm not entirely sure.

I'll be seeing a Dr soon, but if nothing comes of it I'll have to go it alone (in terms of private labs, endocrinologist, etc), until I run out of options.

So, what do I need tested, and also which method is best, ie saliva, blood, urine? Also, in the UK, which labs are recommended?

I'm seeing a few people here comment on the relation between vitamin deficiency and this disorder. Are there any accredited scientific studies that prove this correlation? I'm also coming across those within the medical community that discredit the actual testing for vitamins/minerals, as the results are deemed unreliable. What's your thoughts?

As above, but the same questions regarding diets. Sufferers have mentioned eliminating certain foods from their diets. I can only try this myself and see, and will avoid: dairy, grains, sugar, gluten, for 30-days. Again, are there any studies that back this up? Are there any other foods to avoid?

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if your going hypothyroid

your TSH will rise eventually above 3 (1-5)

your free t4 may well be below 15 (10-23)

free T3 may well be around 3

Cholesterol is probably above 5

ferritin and folate will be at the bottom end of their ranges

thyroid antibodies may be positive

ask for those tests and you will know


You could look at the main Thyroid UK website - which will answer most of the questions you have asked. An earlier post today gave the link to a letter sent out by the Chief Medical Officer of Health to ALL Health Practitioners about VitD Testing. another useful source of information.

Do not be influenced by others - do what feels right for you. The book - The Vitamin D Solution -

written by Dr Michael Holick talks about his 20 plus years of research. VitD is implicated in auto-immune issues - TB - some cancers and many chronic illnesses.

The tests:- TSH FT4 FT3 Anti-TPO Anti-Tg B12 Iron Ferritin Folate VitD would be a good start. B12 deficiency can mimic thyroid issues...


Recently read Vit D deficiency is correlated with raised cholesterol. I am hypo with antibodies and going on Paleo diet in an effort to stop the antibody reaction. My thyroid is very atrophied. Have read several books on paleo diet. I like to learn the science behind suggestions for treatment and so far what I have read only convinces me that Paleo is the right way to go. I did a similar diet 15 years ago when I was diagnose food intolerant (wheat, eggs and chicken) and for a number of years afterwards felt really well. Went down hill once the thyroid problem kicked in and of course being wheat free is not the same as Gluten free, so I had been eating rye bread and porridge oats! hope you get sorted


It's normally a blood test. If you end up going it alone you can get thyroid tests done by Blue Horizon. You can even get a discount by quoting this website. Best of Luck.


Not this website but which is the actual charity rather than this forum.


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