IT'S OFFICIAL - General Medical Council don't care if GPs wrongly diagnose and you're left ill

My second and strongly-worded complaint to the GMC saw them reply by totally ignoring my complaints of repeated misdiagnosis. They insist that symptoms of hypothyroidism and depression overlap so it was OK for 3 incompetent and brainless GPs to leave me sleeping for 18 hours a day etc etc. I was never diagnosed with hypothyroidism by them.

I'm going to reply and will point out their failings regarding the shocking Harold Shipman incident and from which they've clearly not learned anything at all. Actually I'm going to be as shouty and accusatory as possible without being rude.

My next step will be the Ombudsman and I certainly don't hold out any hope there.

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  • I am afraid they are very dismissive of genuine complaint about bad practice and in fact normally dish out over use of 'vexatious complainant' this is not an organization that has modernized in any way, their behavior towards either medical whistleblowers or indeed members of the public trying to do the right thing, is truly awful and always has been. Their modern looking website hides a very different set of affairs, to that which they are supposedly projecting, a shame really as everything else appears to realize the importance of not still being two centuries out of date. Sorry to hear your results, but at least it is consistent with what everybody else goes through. (a waste of valuable energy) MaryF

  • Thanks Mary. They are answerable to nobody which is wrong and I of course was not expecting anything different from them. Quite happy to rattle their cage!

  • Have you gone through the official complaint route? You need to make it official as opposed to just writing and then they have to look into your complaint. Hard getting the message through to them, but we have to all keep on trying.

  • I an others complained on mass about a dire situation, and nothing was done other than a robust and very typical response...formal or otherwise, the result is normally the same. Also the old Puff Adder who ran our area in terms of the PCT colluded it it all also... at the top our institutions and also various regulatory outfits.. it is but a cosy job club. The only safeguarding done is of large and lucrative salaries, sod the public and any good employees who actual exhibit integrity and a sense of duty to their job! In fact in one high court case they were as in the regulator described as a totalitarian regime! MaryF

  • I know people have complained on mass, but we have to keep at it. I certainly haven't given up and am just in the middle of yet another letter to them and others.

  • Good for you, they rely on people giving up! MaryF

  • Have you complained to your Surgery or the GMC? Would be interested to hear what you're doing, PM if you prefer. Thanks.

  • Shocking, they can't get away with this negligence forever.

  • Yes, I've made complaints to the Practice Manager and the GPs deny that they missed a diagnosis of hypo. I then told them that an NHS Endo confirmed the hypo so they were clearly wrong.

  • Hello again Cinnamon_girl. I looked into complaining to the Ombudsman after the GMC dismissed my complaint (their excuse was that anxiety & hyperthyroidism could co-exist; never mind all the other symptoms I had) but they won't do anything unless your complaint has been dealt with locally first. As MaryF says, it's a waste of your valuable energy.

  • Two letters of complaint were sent to the Practice Manager. Also my next door neighbour had failed to be diagnosed with hyperthyroidism by my GP despite having many symptoms. I believe my GP knows nothing about hypo/hyper and still the GMC do nothing.

  • Maybe a letter to Jim Shannon DUP, google him, would be a better use of energy. He attended a hearing in January - search Westminster on this site. I wrote to my MP, Jane Ellison MP and Jim Shannon supporting better care and diagnosis. He said he would help.

  • An MP is another option, thanks.

  • On a lap top now instead of my phone here is the link from 3 months ago.

    Jim Shannon DUP Certainly the most positive reply offering his support :-) YAY

    Perhaps I should post this too - I had let admin know of his offer and hten ran out of energy AGAIN Grrrrrr.

    Good Luck cinnamon girl x

  • will post . . . . .

  • It just don't make since how they can get away with these things.My GP did not diagnosed my tyroid problem.I sent mine a letter today to tell them that i no longer wanted them to have any thing to do with my thyroid care .And i have proof that they have botched up and that is only blood result records.I don't expect they will reply .But i am hoping they do as i am ready for them.Good luck keep us posted it.x

  • when I ask for tsh results from the practise nurse - she hasn't a clue what to say

  • I got all my blood results from 2009 last year ,and was amazed at their errors ,and one good thing i have it in black and white .just waitting now to see if i get a reply.

  • Lol

  • Well done Lizzy, that will bruise their egos!! Keep fighting!

  • My Doctor told me I had flu because it was January !! I had yellow skin, a large lump in the throat and lethargic/depression/anxiety etc.

  • Not good enough is it.

  • I think I've posted something similar before after the death of Dr Skinner. The GMC hounded him for years but were never able to prevent him continuing due to the massive support he had from his patients. If I had been a member of the GMC common sense would tell me that here was a man who, according to thousands of testimonials, had performed miracles. ( and probably saved the NHS a fortune). I should have to conclude that tests, trials etc should be done to substantiate these claims with Dr Skinner offering advice etc. But no they continued to persecute him and deny us the correct treatment and tests and leave GP's in fear of their livelihood.

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