Feeling mixed up

After recently joining this site I have realised how little I know and understand about having an under active thyroid. I was diagnosed with this in my early forties and am now 59. I get my blood tested once a year. Is this usual. Should I ask to see a specialist. I have been telephoned by my gps sec and asked to go in on Thursday to talk about my results which are borderline. I am worried about what this means,

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  • Hi,

    You already have a diagnosis, do you know what they mean when your results say borderline.

  • Hi no I don't I am on 125 mg tablets of thyroxine at present.

  • As you dont feel it could be an increase or decrease in meds. It must be difficullt with your two conditions as so many of the symotoms over lap.

  • Yes thank you yorkshiregirl it is difficult with having the two conditions together.

  • It really depends whether you feel well, or whether you don't. If you feel that your condition is being managed well by your GP, a specialist may not be necessary. When you go in, ask for a copy of your results. They cannot refuse you access to these. Then post them on here for feedback. Why are you worried?

  • Thank you I will do that. I haven't been feeling well for about a month but as I have rheumatoid arthritis it is difficult to know what the problem is.

  • Hi Sharon. Glad you felt you could post. Just a bit more to add to HaryE post. Can you put the ranges on as well? Different labs use different ranges and as the suggestion is that you are borderline then without them it may be more difficult to see how close you are in, or out, of range. Don't be worried. Its good they have picked up on the fact, he may need to tweak your dose but for peace of mind if you post your results etc and tell us what you GP wants to do about it I'm sure you will get good advice from some people on here as well.

  • Hi silverfox yes I will get a copy of the results and post them on here.

  • Hi Sharon. I have the same two conditions as you and also get confused. It may just be that you are borderline for moving up or down a dose.

    They might just want to check how you are feeling on the 125mcg and if your latest results indicate that you may need a bit more or less, they prefer to check this tarries with your symptoms. People here seem very knowledgable. Twitchy x

  • Hi Twitchy thank you for your message.

  • Like you I was completely ignorant of our condition until I found this site and now I understand far more about my condition. My GP is reviewing all thyroid disease patients who are what they call 'over medicated' compared to laboratory results (and as we all know, we all feel better when slightly more medicated than the lab says we should be) because of the risk of AF in thyroid disease. But like everyone else on here my GP had no idea the site existed nor that we should all have a full blood profile and that for optimum health the results need to be in the top end of the range for our bodies to utilise the thyroxine we take. He didn't refuse my request for a full profile (although he missed the ferritin off!) and the results show I am deficient in Vit D.

    Don't worry, I have found that once you are more knowledgeable of your own condition and begin to take responsibility for it, your GP will be fine. Good luck!

  • Thank you for your post. I will see if my gp will carry out a full blood profile. I have found the info very interesting thank you again. Sharon

  • As you have RA it would suggest you also have Auto-immune Thyroiditis - Hashimotos. Have you had your Anti-bodies tested - Anti-TPO and Anti-Tg ? Auto-immune issues seem to go hand in hand...I have Hashi's and Crohns. This could mean also that you will be LOW in B12 - VITD - Ferritin - Folate - Iron. All these need to be HIGH in their ranges for your T4 to work well. The T3 is the ACTIVE hormone required in every cell - trillions and trillions - so it is important to have it tested. If low things begin to go wrong....

    Stick with this forum and you will soon feel top dollar.... :-)

  • I will thanks.

  • :-)

  • I match you pretty well in chronological terms, but generally get tested about every six months. My surgery now plots on a graph the changes in my TSH and FT4 readings, which is something I used to do myself. My friend in her county is tested 4 times a year! Do you ask for the numbers relating to your test results? Knowing how wide the FT4 band is, I got into a habit of always asking. However, also like you, I am amazed by all the information out there since signing up to this organisation. I am now in dialogue with my GP about T3 and Armour. Borderline may mean that you are over or under-medicated as I had such a discussion recently at the doctor's.

  • Thank you Gullaway I will try to ask about that.

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