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Starch in levothyroxine may be a problem, are there any alternatives?

I suspect I may have ankolysing spondylitis which is a form of arthritis in the spine. It has been found that the bacteria klebsiella, which is prevalent in this condition, feeds on starch. I have been experimenting with my diet and starchy foods do make the condition much worse. Although I have been restricting starchy foods I was dismayed to find thryoxine has a starch filler, which I have been taking for 20 years. Does anybody know of an alternative that has no starch in it?

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Have a look here:

The liquid products are, I think, without starch - but at least some people find the glycerol too much to cope with.

There are other possibilities around the world like Tirosint (a gel capsule).



Thanks Rod for your help I will have a look.


Levo contains maize starch as the bulking agent.


Thank you Glynisrose for your reply


I have developed an allergy to maize which brings me out in a rash and itching. I managed to persuade my GP to precribe me liquid thyroxine and have no skin problmes now. However it is significantly more expensive and recently there have been problems with supply from MercuryPharma who appear to have no sense of responsibility towards their consumers..!!!


That's interesting Bix66, sorry you are having supply problems. My next appointment with GP is beginning of April, am expecting an uphill struggle. When I mentioned I was following a starch free diet in an attempt to ease my joint pains, my GP sent me to see a Dietician who in turn knew absolutely nothing about this dietary regime much to my astonishment, I suggested he look on the internet, which he did, the next day the Dietician telephoned with a Doctors name he found on the internet who specialises in Immunology/Rheumatology at the University of London who promotes this diet, the Dietician felt and looked uncomfortable with his ignorance but remained non-committal even though there is a lot of evidence to back up positive results of going starch free.

I now have to persuade my GP to refer me to this Doctor in London and also change my levo medication if test results prove I have AS. Nothing is straight forward is it, we have to convince many in the medical profession who really are lagging behind in research or tied to the Pharma.


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