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Hi, I was recently diagnosed hypothyroid and was prescribed 50mcg levothyroxine, since taking it I am only getting

a couple of hours sleep a night, I wake up sweating and my ears ring, so now changed to 10mcg liothyronine, I had to ask for this as my dr had never heard of it, I don't know what I will do if this doesn't settle down as my dr doesn't seem to have a clue, any help would be appreciated, I don't have my blood results sorry.

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When were you diagnosed. Usually 50mcg is a starting dose with a blood test after six weeks and an increase. Some GPs mistakenly think that as long as the TSH is within the 'normal range' that you have enough medication and are puzzled when we still complain. Do you still take the levo plus the T3? If you can possibly ask the surgery for a printout of your latest thyroid gland blood tests with the ranges, it will enable members to comment. Labs differ, for some unknown reason, throughout the country that's why ranges are helpful.

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Hi Exactly what I would have said. depending on the bloods, the best combination is T3 and T4 but it is important it is started slowly, quite powerful meds, especially T3.



I was diagnosed late December. just got my results from then, serum TSH level 28.00mu/l, free T4 5pmol/L. Was given 50mcg levo, tested again 10th feb TSH level 2.69 was advised this was normal and to continue 50mcg levo, also had thyroid peroxidase antibody test which shows 730iu/ml and told this was normal. I am only taking t3 at the moment.



Do you mean you are now not taking 50mcg of levo (T4) but only T3? What dose?


No I am not taking levo T4. I am only taking T3 10mcg.


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