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Hospital choice any advice East Kent?

I've been sent a choose and book letter from my gp after being diagnosed with hashimoto's. I have a multi nodular thyroid from an ultrasound and high antibodies. Does anyone here have any experiences with endocrinology departments at the following hospitals? qeqm Margate, folkestone, canterbury and Ashford. If it's the same consultant that does the rounds I'll just book Margate as it's nearest but if one place is better than the others I'll book there. Any help greatly appreciated x

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You are incredibly lucky so make the most of it. Most with hashimoto's never see an endo are are left at the mercy of useless nhs gps. I had to fight really hard to see an endo some 6 years after being diagnosed.


I've told my gp I'm not happy to be ill. I've got a family and business to run. Also they've been telling me I'm I'll because I'm fat and to lose weight for years whereas it turns out I'm over weight because I'm ill I think she's referred me to shut me up.


As qeqm is the smaller hospital you may find the support for the consultant isnt as good as at william harvey. But the opposite could also be true that you get more personal care/touch in a smaller hospital. As its the same dr i suggest you see them at your nearest hospital and ask them if there is any advantage to you to see them elsewhere.


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