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Any advice on memory problems?

I used to have a good memory. Remember the little things, remember things I've arranged. Nowadays it's all gone and if it's not written down It's unlikely I'll remember.

Does anyone have any advice of any way to improve it be it through a different diet or a particular activity you find helps?

I lost my last job because of my sudden memory change while I was still in denial about having a problem and wold hate for that to happen again

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If it was not for sticky notes on my computer id never remember things either...i dont know how to fix i eat healthy...but do crave sweet things and i know thats my part of thyroid trouble......


I rely on my memory for my job but since being diagnosed with Graves Disease and then having a total thyroidectomy in November last year my memory is completely shot! I forget to sent appointment letters, why I'm seeing people, conversations I've had and forgotten. It's massively frustrating but I'm disappointed by your previous employers. Mine have been nothing but supportive and I've explained the symptoms which they try to understand but with any problems that aren't physically seen some people can struggle to be understanding.

I'd say the best that works for me is to get a diary and put EVERYTHING in there. What you need/want to do, what you have done etc etc.

try not to get to stressed out by it or it'll make it worse x


My situation was very odd in that the department I worked for was run by company A but my employment was outsourced to company B. I made a mistake and company A basically told company B "we don't want him here anymore". This was shortly after I'd been diagnosed with Graves, my mistake was an exact year before they'd discovered the mistake and, at the time, I had been in denial that I had any problem. In my meetings after that I couldn't explain why I'd made the mistake simply because I couldn't even remember doing the job, I produced information saying about the memory issues, the concentration levels as well as the physical changes that Graves does. This was all overlooked and I was sent to another department managed and working for Company B but we still have dealings with Company A who refuse to let me do some work because they don't trust me still and this is 2 years down the line which doesn't help as knowing you're looked down on doesn't help with the depression side of it.

I try and write as much as I can on notes and in my iPhone which helps, I had heard taking up a hobby can help with memory. I play a lot of poker and that doesn't help as I can't remember cards too well like I used to when I first played.

Thank you for the guidance and kind words


Hmm you sound like I did. I completely denied the fact I had a memory problem until my manager pulled me aside and asked me about it and highlighted recent events which I had made a joke out of. It's a shame company A still refuse to deal with you and support you.

I'd say admitting it is the first step (I sound like we have an addiction ha ha ha) and its how you best deal with it is personal to you. I wish you the best of luck x


I denied it up until I went on holiday with my girlfriend. I came back after a week 6 pounds lighter and my family were incredibly worried and even I knew going on holiday and coming back lighter isn't right. Went to the doc asap, haha, couldn't deny a physical change like that


Do you have family history of hypothyroid?? Do you take medication??

I'm 5th generation so have always been educated to what could happen. 3 months after having my son I was eating bowls of pasta for breakfast, elevensies and still famished at lunch while going down to below 8 stone. Being slim and just had a baby with no baby weight left was a concern so when I went to my doctors, explained my family history they were to pleased to get a blood test done. That came back with my T4 levels at 48.8!! Immediately saw a consultant who tried to medicate me on Carbimizole but I had was sensitive to that and ended up in A&E following a massive reaction to it. So I was untreated u tip I went for a bone scan. I was diagnosed with early signs of osteoporosis (not good considering I was only 30 years old). So I had no choice but to opt for surgery (radioactive treatment was not an option with a baby). Following the operation I no longer have the palpitations and I'm not going at a thousand miles an hour which was always had to explain to people x


At the time we only knew of my Dad having it. Since I've had it my Grandfather has ben diagnosed as well as an uncle or 2. They've all got it later in life whereas I'm the earliest by far, being diagnosed at 25 but knowing I had it at 24. I assume it was brought on by incredible stress and anxiety at work. Funny how these things work I guess.

I've never been hyperactive though, I was as a child but not since I've gotten hyperthyroidism. That and insomnia seem to be the 2 symptoms yet to be ticked off my checklist, hah

It seems the op is a good and quick measure to help....I feel I need to do a lot more research and know the pros and cons of all my options


Certainly do your research before considering surgery. I had symptoms since I was a teenager but unable to convince doctors until I'd had my son. I only had the surgery because I could be crippled with osteoporosis by 40! Frightening when I'm active and have a young family. Having surgery has its pros and cons. This website is great for exploring the benefits of surgery but it will depend on your situation and lifestyle x


I would try and see Dr P before making a decision about surgery. He is so knowledgeable and may be able to help you explore all the alternatives if there are any. Good luck.


B12 deficiency is common in "hypothyriodism" not sure about graves disease, this article suggests most of us can be deficient, and one of the side effects are memory loss.


Make sure your thyroid is working optimally, by taking your temps and adding medication till you reach 98.6.

If that doesn't do it, take pregnenolone. I took 200 mgs. Of course you should check your vitamin b and d.

Good luck



B12 , calcium, and folic acid helped me immensely.

Also take fish oil , magnesium, iron, and probiotics.

Don't give up.


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