Hi I am new same problem to many that blood tests ok but symptoms back.. can anyone who has seen dr skinner or dr peatfield advise,,thanks

I have seen endo who told me I was fine as I had been treated for graves disease years ago but my health hasn't been sorted, my bloods are normal and know that the gp or endo I see will say im fine and not treat me, out of these doctors who is the best as im not sure if im hypo or hyper or if its adrenal problems.. thanks so much this is a great site..ps ive been suffering on and off 15 years so am not going there again !! x

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  • I think Dr P deals with adrenals and Dr S not too worried about them.

  • thanks for reply im also looking at a dr mc soud in Nottingham

  • I see Dr S. I think he is excellent for people like you who have symptoms but normal blood tests. I will send you a pm.

  • Hi thankyou for your response sorry for the delay was in and out of the doctors last week :) fun.. Can I ask does dr skinner see people under the NHS and how does someone get in touch with him.. thanks

  • hi thanks very much.. umm excuse my ignorance but whats a pm

  • Hi. I've only recently started seeing dr s (July initial appt and then last month as a follow up)

    He certainly listens to you and your problems .... He's more about HOW you feel and NOT what your blood results show.

    I'm not 100% but certainly feel much better.

    Many on here rate deco ... So I guess it's really down to personal choice.

    Good luck with whoever you decide to go with ... It's a long road but you won't be travelling alone x

  • Hi thanks for your message. Im glad that you have had success with dr skinner.. who is deco that people rate on this forum? sorry im such a newbie!!

  • Hi An Endo does cover much more. However, like every one not always the person we want. If you see another Endo, simply because that covers so much , PTH, bloods in general ,, especially vit D and electrolytes , osteoporosis Diabetes B12 etc etc. Then pick your own first after careful research. Only then ask for a new referral.I am very complicated and made a big mistake going to private docs first.

    Best wishes,


  • Thanks for your reply.. did you eventually find out what the source of problem was. the gp is prepared to check my vit D and other hormone levels for me which after 15 years of this stuff is the first time I was offered it! still think its the thyroid though and will pay to see and endo.. ive heard of a dr mc soud in Nottingham also.. have you or ayone else reading this heard of him ?

    thanks for your time, katherine

  • Hi Well to be blunt,my problem wthe private doc overdosed me and made me very ill. Consequently. I then was "allowed" a referral, vastly reduced treatment under Endo and stable in 1 year. However this was mainly due to the private doc not believing in thyroid tests. My Edo goes by how i am and my results. Not all Endos, or consultants in general do this, only the very best.

    I have not heard of your consultant but you can put a separate question on the Forum but must ask for replies by PM ( private message).

    Louie also has a list of a few NHS consultants louise.warvill@thyroiduk.org.

    I see a priate Endo at leamington Spa.

    If you see a private doc it is unlikely that the GP will prescribe on his instructions, may be even not do blood tests.Any consultant has there meds and instructions prescribed from the GP on his say so. GP has to coordinate meds, always works like that. The expensive part of going privately, doc or consultant is the consultations . However, if a doc and mostly GP will not prescribe or send say for tests. Then you are stuck. Also as I have said a private doc treats thyroid, not the surrounding issues, even Pituitary investigations and parathyroid, ultra sounds etc.

    I hope that helps. Remember if you see an Endo, not happy with, ask for another referral.

    Best wishes,


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