Adaptation to environmental changes - hibernation

Adaptation to environmental changes - hibernation

Well - here's another excuse for us to hibernate - getting fat, grumpy, sleepy, dopey - certain celebrity dwarves come to mind? & avoid all things worldly - energy is a precious resource and must be conserved :)

My first post was a comment that this 'rare' Thyroid trouble seemed to be an epidemic - that was nearly 4 years ago meanwhile 14,000 plus members later, I do not see any difference - EXCEPT 14,000 plus people seeking knowledge & gaining awareness. To be empowered & consider to 'work' with their doctor to get better treatment? or maybe we have adapted and will be the only ones that survive!

Yes I'm now a grumpy old bear - didn't used to be! It's March on Sunshine and I'll appear from my cave soon! J :D

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I have to say that having read about the circadian rhythm and how people produce T3 whilst asleep I would say that is why a lot of us sleep all the time, to try to boost the amount of T3 in the body....

I get up early every day and have breakfast with my husband before he heads off to work, this morning it is so cold and dismal outside I was thinking of going back to bed for a while, now there's no need for me to feel guilty - I'll go back and boost my T3 :-)

That's a very good point. I always feel that I go nocturnal, perhaps that's another way of making more

The last sentence in the article you've linked to Spareribs is

Prevention is dead. Long live adaptation.

So the message to doctors dealing with thyroid patients is You cannot prevent thyroid patients from seeking their optimal treatment, so you must adapt to our approach instead of obstinately sticking to your own ineffective 'levothyroxine only' policy

Brilliant redapple! :-D

Good point! We're the experts on how our own body feels & we only get one innings! :D

Thoughts to take from Snow White:

Be careful with needles.

Don't let other people tighten up your bodice.

Only use clean combs.

Don't accept apples from strangers.

The man with the axe might not be the one who is mad.

Restricted growth does not mean restricted humanity.

Don't go to weddings when you have already tried to kill the bride.

(Depends on version of the story which of the above make any sense at all!)


Very funny! Thanks x

bodice & combs? looks up original story.... well you learn something new everyday!

Still think she was HypoT, very white skin (Vit D deficient) trashed the dwarves' house (moody) faints & sleeps a lot.... Lol! :D

Hmm, I see your point… except who looks that beautiful when they're hypoT????

Well, it was a Magic mirror?

True! I need one of those…. where can I buy one? Better still, can I get a customised version?

Before i started treatment with Levothyroxine, My T3 &T4 levels would rise in autumn, & fall to near normal levels in spring. I aways wondered if there was something in human evolution to account for this, maybe slowing down my metabolism to help store fat for the winter months.

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