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Morning all

This is going to sound like an absolutely radical question BUT has anyone with hashi's considered/asked/had their thyroid removed to stop swings?

I was first sick in 2012 and wasn't diagnosed until last year. I've only been on thyroxine since June but I've had some swings. I went hyper in November, hypo in December/Jan and now the GP is calling me this afternoon to explain that I've now went hyper again and reduce my dose. I don't have the results yet, will have them this afternoon.

The problem I have is it's really affecting my work. I work full time and have worked my ass off for the past 7 years to be in the position I'm in. I manage a team and even though I struggle each day to get out of bed I do it. I am so tired. I am so tired of being tired. I'm tired of sitting at my desk with layers on and a blanket to stay warm. I'm tired of always saying I'm tired.

I have hashi's and I understand that my immune system will always attack it until it dies and until that point my butterfly will fight back. I just don't know how much more I can take and how much more my work will take. They have been understanding but I think they are getting to the point of being fed up with me.

So, has anyone ever considered this or have had it removed because of hashi's?

Thanks all x

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I have Hashi's and have not considered having the little dear removed :-) Your symptoms do suggest that you are under medicated and it will be interesting to know what the result is that indicates Hyper. Usually it's when the FT3 is over range that Hyper swings in and as FT3 is rarely tested I am thinking that that is not possible. So it's possibly because your TSH is suppressed - and then Docs do get jumpy ! Well many people on here feel absolutely fine with a suppressed TSH - myself included.

Maybe some T3 introduced into the mix will help. Have you had all the routine tests for Iron Ferritin Folate B12 VitD - they all need to be high in their ranges....and not just in range. How is your gut health ? Going Gluten Free can often help the gut to heal. Have you read Izabella Wentz's book - Hashimotos - The Root Cause. She has a website and you can sign up for a Newsletter. A good read and lots of VERY helpful information about lifestyle changes.

Hope you soon have some answers and feel better......


I've thought about it many times, although I doubt I could go through with surgery, or not yet anyway. I was at hospital today and did mention the swallowing difficulties I have, the consultant felt my neck and throat and said although my thyroid was enlarged it was not nearly enlarged enough that a surgeon would remove it.

I hadnt mentioned surgery at all, the suggestion came totally from him, and as I have hashi's then it must be the case that they do remove the thyroid if need be for people with hashis or I doubt he would even have mentioned it. Though its maybe in extreme cases only


I've read many good comments and reviews about this book - it might help :

The author has Hashi's herself. I should point out I haven't read it myself!


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