proud to prove non-believers wrong!

I was bullied for going to a Special School. I was called a spastic. I have in my early 40`s completed a Btec in Applied science medicine level 2 Diploma.I`m proud of my achievements. In a way my bullies did me a huge favour. built my self-esteem, strength and determination to better myself & build and strengthen my skills. my tutors inspired me. hope this inspires your strengths. yes I battle with weight but I try Not let it bother me too much. I hate getting colds but they`re just an obstacle a challenge I Don`t let my Health hold me back. just spur me on. it only gets to me when I don`t busy myself I have kept up my Studies since completing my course I`ve had a job interview as a medical laboratory assistant, I did not get the job however like Robert the Bruces Spider I do not give in my resiliance just gets stronger along with my determination to succeed in looking for employment.

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  • Good for you Amanda ...Robert the Bruce s spider knew as we all do never to give up very proud of yourself and all your achievements ...xx

  • congratulation on your latest achievement, one to certainly be proud of :)

  • Amanda I have a son whom attending a special school. They originally told me that he should be based in a hospital, (I felt a very primitive approach towards asd). However I fought very hard for him, always listened to his needs bad he always came to me to help him. Today is his birthday, he is 17 and he has fought adversity, is now top of the class in mainstream school and we just visited a grammar school last week for him to attend for his a-levels. Think about those people whom chastised you where are they now, because in my experience people like that are afraid, afraid because they see potential ambition of which they lack. My son has impacted my life in many ways, I became so disgusted with the education and health service I changed my career from financial to educational. I'm a senco, with preschool and support additional needs and fight for every child who needs help to achieve there potential. Stay true to who you are your a wonderful person , who can do anything, anything you want! Who says its has to be the conservative route as long as you achieve your goals. . I wish you every success for the future.

  • Good for him, and you! Intelligence comes in so many forms, and most teachers only understand the child who picks things up at once. Modern educational methods have got rid of the repeat and practice that is so necessary for most people, even the highly intelligent, the methods that neuroscience, ironically, is presently vindicating, therefore a lot of bright people are written off, because they don't have the take it in at once, show it off and forget it a day later mind that passes for intelligence in our ludicrously dumbed-down, schools.

  • Well done Amanda. Keep it up. I've been in this situation as well so I know it can be done. There's no such thing as luck, it's dedication, hard work and sheer determination. I left school with two GCE's and a comment from my primary school headmaster to the effect that I was a scatterbrain with no hope. I now have two degrees, one in Business Administration and a 2:1 Hons in Classics also a Diploma in Interior Design.. Don't worry about your weight but do try to dress beautifully, For me this inspires even more confidence and don't believe those who say looks don't matter. They do! Good luck.

  • I will repeat what I said in my post above. The brain works on repetition, and building on what it already knows. Neuroscience is starting to vindicate many of the "old-fashioned" approaches - rote learning, repetition, practice - that have evolved as learning tools over the last 2,500 years. No wonder you "failed" in the modern, twitchy, content-free classroom and shone at a solid "slog and practice" subject like Classics. Learning anything difficult takes time and is hard. Well done. Euge!

  • Well done everyone and thank you amanda for posting this. Those suffering from hypothyroidism have to be fighters not only to get their health back but in life itself in order to have any kind of existence. Jane x x

  • Congratulations on gaining your Diploma, Amanda, but mostly for rising above the name callers and succeeding in proving them wrong.

  • Amanda,

    Just so very pleased to hear of your success. Well done.

    Is it possible that you could be an encourage others in your situation??

    Wishing you every happiness for your future...


  • I taught computing to adults for many years before I became too ill to run classes. The one thing I know for certain is that school demotivates and devalues many of its students. As adults, regaining the confidence to study is hard, but when you do the achievement is, literally, life changing. EVERYONE can learn. As an adult you can learn what YOU want to learn, at your own pace and when YOU want to learn it. School dictates that everyone must learn the same things, at the same pace. If you fall behind you "fail". In my eyes there is no such thing as failure. We all learn differently and at different speeds.

    Well done for going back to studying. Now that you've started, I'll take bets that it doesn't stop there and you'll be enrolled on another course before you know it.

    Go gal.

  • Children can be very cruel but you have not let their comments get in the way. Congratulations on your achievements and wish you every success in your job hunt.

  • Well done Amanda

    Wishing you every success for the future.

    Best wishes browny

  • Good on you Amanda :) x

  • Hi Amanda,

    You have a wonderful and determined frame of mind; and well done for keeping you studying up; but, most importently I want to say thank-you for your post - it has really made me think... I am sat at home a lot of the time feeling sorry for my self. You stated that you things only get to you when you do not keep busy; how and where do you get this inner strength from? I think you are such a strong, inteligent person and, you have given me the courage (and stubborness?) to battle on.... I am now going for a bike more feeling sorry for myself...

    And, keep persurvering with job vacancies - 'they' would be mad not to take you on!!!


  • It just goes to show what the right kind of support can do for a child. I only wish that I`d had supportive people in my life when I was growing up, then my life might have turned out very differently.

  • Very well done Amanda, and good luck with the job hunting. xx

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