Well I never!!

Went to see a GP in my practice today after a bit of a funny turn last night. I was trying to size her up as I have had issues with another GP there (Dr Overmedicated!) and the one I wanted to see was unavailable.

Well, it turns out that she is very interested in us thyroidies. What's more she has run a training session for all the GPs in my practice (14 of them) telling them to treat by symptoms and NOT test results. She gave me a form for blood tests and asked if there was anything I wanted to add to it!

Maybe, slowly, it is filtering through.

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  • Excellent, you struck gold. stick with her and good luck.

  • Definitely!

  • That's marvellous. Roll on the day every practice has a 'roidie doctor. I hope you asked for ferritin, vitD, B12 and folate tests.

    Did you give her a link to TUK and HU?

  • I had most of the vitamin tests done last time, she pointed out that the folate had been missed and added it to the form!

    I did wonder if she read this site. She was aware of the problems with different brands of levo. I was too stunned to ask!

  • Wow! Impressive. What a treasure.

  • That's brilliant for you. I wouldn't be surprised if she or someone close to her has a thyroid gland problem. It's great to know, as you say, something is filtering through.

  • I had a different nurse yesterday for blood tests and I just asked her to test b and d. She said ok!! Normally I get a no you don't need vitamins if you eat fruit and veg etc e

  • whereabouts are you on a map of UK?

  • what a pleasant surprise.wish they were all so understanding

  • Crikey - what part of the country is this may I add? I had a phone convo with my doc yesterday that went along the lines of: your test results are normal and your symptoms don't scream thyroid to me (even though I have fatigue, constantly cold, dry & itchy skin, dry & brittle hair).

  • Where is this incredible woman????

  • I wish :/ so pleased you have had such a positive experience :) x

  • Where is this amazing GP? I would move house just to join her practice !

    I'm very pleased for you, what a find!

  • Glad she is taking notice and telling other gps to do so to, where is she lol

  • I love posts like this that confirm that they do exist..they are out there! So glad you are getting the help you need.

    Now can I borrow her?

  • Wonders will never cease !

  • Wow! well done carnation, so that's 14 more Doctors that will start treating for symptoms rather than test results, :)

    so hopefully if each one of those 14 Doctors have just 1 Doctor friend each they can confide in about this new technology that has just been discovered, that will double the amount of Doctors that now know about it and so on it goes. Think it's called networking :) :) :)

    Was it anything in particular you can remember saying to her that made her change direction on thyroid testing so we can all use your technique C.? ;)

  • Well at least one of the doctors - I have named him Dr Overmedicated, does not toe the line. I listened to him the first 2 times he told me to reduce (and made myself ill in the process) but argued him down the last time after finding you guys (thank you!) . He must have missed the training!

    I don't know how her attitude came about, as it's the first time I have seen her about my thyroid, despite her being there for more than 20 years.

  • Well done Carnation!! I wish my doctors are as good as your one! Your one is a keeper, do not let this one go. :)

    Keep it up!

  • Not to worry Carnation, one bad apple don't spoil the whole bunch girl, ;) but I'm sure Dr. Overmedicated will slowly come round to the other 13 Doctors ways of treating thyroid problems once he/she learns the real truth and does the new training, they have to be seen pulling in the same direction, but then you always get one black sheep ;) :)

    Do hope you are now back on track with your medication and feeling OK ?

  • Carnation - please let Louise know of this lovely person! PM her or email louise.warvill@thyroiduk.org


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