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FNA result 2. What does this mean ?

Hi All,

So it's been a long 3 week wait for my FNA results. My consultant rang yesterday and said everything was fine. She said they use a grading system and mine was graded 2 which is fine but I would need a repeat FNA in 3 to 6 months time. Whilst I was relieved she said it was fine I'm left wondering why it needs to be repeated ? Also she said my cortisol was low and I'd need to go in for a dose of it which would take an hour. Not quite sure what this is? Vit D & B12 again she said were fine. My review isn't until April which I will ask more questions in them but any info now would be appreciated thanks

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Never let an nhs gp tell you the results are fine/normal. Always get your own print out so you can see where in the range you are. I was also told my b12 was fine - when i later found out i had pernicious anaemia!

Also told for years my tsh was "fine" when i felt awful for years and later found it was around 4 and they just left me to stew


Thank you for your reply. It wasn't a GP it was endo consultant at the hospital. I'm hoping this makes it a bit more believable with it being a specialist ? I do intend on asking them for copies of all my results so I can look at them and understand it myself :-)


FNA 2 is benign. They'll want to repeat in case anything changes.

FNA has been described as plunging a needle into an orange and expecting to hit any dodgy areas in order to remove relevant cells.

FNA 1 describes insufficient material obtained.

FNA 3 Inconclusive, likely benign.

FNA 4 Inconclusive, likely not benign.

FNA 5 Not benign.


Thank you for your reply Clutter. The FNA was done via guided ultrasound so hopefully it's a bit more accurate as they would have taken cells from the actual nodule or atleast I hope it is. I can breathe a sigh of relief for now and concentrate on getting the right meds. Thanks again


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